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What makes Donald Trump so Popular?

  1. Ken Burgess profile image88
    Ken Burgessposted 24 months ago

    What makes Donald Trump so Popular?

    He can call people names, get in a fight with the Pope, spell words wrong on Twitter... yet he only gets more popular, why do you think that is?
    Do people truly feel he is more qualified than the two 1st term Senators Cruz and Rubio?
    Do people want an outsider, someone not beholden to the Washington establishment and elites?
    Do people like his aggression and take no prisoners attitude?
    Do they feel he is talking about the real issues, China trade deficit, NAFTA, CAFTA, etc.?


  2. bradmasterOCcal profile image31
    bradmasterOCcalposted 24 months ago

    The simple answer is that the other candidates are so boring, and playing the same old game. This is a new century and last centuries game didn't do well this century.

    Trump has spiced up the old game, and people are intrigued.

  3. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 24 months ago

    The left has silenced moderate debate by labeling anything other than lockstep agreement "hate", namecalling if not online mobbing or calling for the job loss of anyone who doesn't totally agree.
    When the moderates are silenced, only the more radical fringe is able and willing to speak out - hence the more audacious Trump, because everyone else was silenced by calls of hater, racist, bigot, etc.

    1. Ken Burgess profile image88
      Ken Burgessposted 24 months agoin reply to this

      I think you have something there... for instance the Tea Party was made up of working middle class people who were POed with Obamacare, they KNEW it meant they were going to get screwed over again and rose up against it... and labeled racist Nazis et

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