In YOUR assessment, what are the ways that the American Democratic Party metapho

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    gmwilliamsposted 20 months ago

    In YOUR assessment, what are the ways that the American Democratic Party metaphorphosized into the

    DEMONcratic  Party of extreme Liberals, even Leftists?

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    tamarawilhiteposted 20 months ago

    * Demands to censor every expression, from attacking people physically for wearing Trump shirts or American flags on Cinco de Mayo to financial penalties for not using the pronoun that a mentally ill person demands you use (NYC)
    * Here is our official list of political beliefs, disagree with it and get hate mobbed in the name of tolerance - down to threatening your life and trying to get you fired. Look at the classic feminists like Camille Pagalia no-platformed for saying a man with male plumbing shouldn't get both men's awards and women's awards and how letting a man who spent the first four decades of his career as a man shouldn't get the highest paid woman designation for the tech world.
    * Deliberately targeting conservative events and groups for infiltration and change, from trying to enroll the children of homosexuals at private schools and then demanding they change the curriculum or get sued while sending death threats to the schools that refuse the child. This happened at my son's school, several others were similarly targeted, as if threats to kill teachers and burn down a private elementary school in the name of love is somehow moral.
    Social justice warriors are showing up at conservative gatherings like Ben Shapiro speeches or Milo Yiannapolis talks with air horns to disrupt, sometimes physically attacking the speaker on stage (Milo) or assaulting the audience members (Ben Shapiro) - but get excused by authorities as having been "triggered" and unable to not attack people they disagree with despite entering private spaces. This is fascism. That they demand you not express these views in public and then enter private gatherings and group sand attack you there TOO.