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What Are You Glueing? What are two things you are consciously contributing to in

  1. threekeys profile image81
    threekeysposted 19 months ago

    What Are You Glueing? What are two things you are consciously contributing to in having

    a new improved warmer cohesive society? For me its thinking before I speak when I  feel like letting someone know they have really hurt my feelings. Just in case I say something I may later on regret and create a war along the way. How about you this last month?


  2. manatita44 profile image81
    manatita44posted 19 months ago

    Well, I have probably hurt you here, my Dear Threekeys, not intentionally, of course. If I have, it may simply be because of the way I respond to questions.

    Your question reads like it's not complete. Still, let me try. Contributing?

    1. Prayer. In this I send out loving thoughts; ask for forgiveness; purity; to be humble... to be wise to misunderstandings. I do apologise if I feel I'm sometimes harsh.

    2. Manifestation. I actually belong to a body of about 8,000 spiritual Souls or brothers and sisters. We have over 30 or more manifestations -- that which one feels and does in order to serve aspiring mankind. I suppose you can call this soulful service.

    In the last major one, I visited the country and spent first six weeks then another six weeks on the ground, visiting Regional Commissioners (Mayors or Governors), schools, the Police and people in key places.

    The purpose was to bring forward many children and people together: teachers, parents, authorities...all in the cause of brotherhood, oneness, peace, to point out or inspire others with all that unite and not divide. To share what we have in common. This was a huge success. So Yes, I guess this goes a very long way to creating a cohesive society.

    By the way, the macrocosm is part and parcel of the microcosm and vice-versa. Nothing stands alone or should be seen to be. So we also affect the collective Consciousness of others here in this Hub Pages Society.

    Only the fool would say that he/she does not try his/her best.As such we move with the Light of Spirit given to us at each sacred moment. All my Love.

  3. WordCrafter09 profile image78
    WordCrafter09posted 19 months ago

    I can't think of much anyone would say to me that would "hurt my feellings".  I'm more one to get angry (whether or not I show it).  OR, if I don't get angry (maybe because I know there's some reason that the other person doesn't understand something - because if s/he did there would not be a problem - then I aim to figure out how to help that person understand better.

    So anyway, my "thing" in recent weeks (and before that) is thinking about how, exactly, to present some writing that would address the problem of people's so often having "either/or" thinking, most often as a result of not having had someone help them polish up their understanding-of-others skills when they were kids and before they were entirely swept into first the wider world of, say, teens and young adults where there's little time for an adult/parent to complete the task of "finishing touches on the socializing aspect of parenting" (if the parent even knows how to do that in the first place) before friends, the outside world, others (also often without benefit of having had a parent know how, and be able to, put those finishing touches on socialization" on before they were swept away into a so often very misguided/misinformed larger world).

    Socialization includes family dynamics, which means understanding one's family and closest extended family from both an objective and non-objective perspective.  I think too many people reach maturity, having skipped over that important part of socialization.  Maybe in the past, or in different cultures, things have been different or simpler.   Maybe in some ways parents of the past or of different cultures did better.   In many ways people of today do far better.   In any case, things are complicated these days.  I just think, considering that, we don't need more people who have missed (for whatever reason) that important part socialization because those who do often grow up with anger and issues that could have been headed off if they had.

    It's not good to have so many people with an incomplete "foundation" .  So that, among other things, has been my focus in recent weeks.

    1. threekeys profile image81
      threekeysposted 19 months agoin reply to this

      Please forgive me. It was not appropriate to mention "hurting my feelings". I was focused on something away from hubpages. I like and value all of you.

      Gracious and thoughtful response...

  4. threekeys profile image81
    threekeysposted 19 months ago

    Manitita I had no idea...I admire you very much. I dont know if you realize how lucky you are to be able to do things on a large scale. I too have been part of mediataion groups that send out peace and wishes for peace but now I essentially do that privately and nightly. My lesson up to know has been about doing what and where I can in non expansive circumstances and making it count on a everyday level . My life so far has taught me to realize the beautiful or the extraordinary in the routiness of everyday living which once upon of time I would have overlooked. To me the way I practice balancing my personal desires with world needs for peace and harmony looks on a microscopic level "not reacting but (hopefully) thinking before I speak".

    Are we going to make it manitita44? Is the world going to tip in favour of life? Or is it going to "eat its own tail and deconstruct"?