Did Donald Trump earn his win fairly?

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    aaslposted 16 months ago

    Did Donald Trump earn his win fairly?

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    gmwilliamsposted 16 months ago


    YES HE DID.  The American people have spoken, they saw the unethical behavior & corruption actions of Hillary Clinton.   She covered up the Benghazi incident & the e-mails.   Clinton has a history of deceit from her early political days, even getting terminated from the Watergate investigation for lying(her forte) & covering up the lies for her convenience.  Clinton wanted THAT PRESIDENCY by any means necessary.  Clinton & her operatives even got Bernie Sanders, a Democratic favorite out of the presidential race.

    In opposition to Clinton, Donald Trump was truthful, even bluntly so-which many Americans found to be refreshing.  Trump wasn't politics as usual, he was an outsider who would offer Americans practical, reasonable alternatives to current American problems.  Trump wasn't never deceitful but was always forthright in his delivery.

    While some Americans were deluded-ignoring, condoning, & even voting for Clinton despite, her egregious transgressions, other Americans refused to accept & vote for a person w/low integrity to be President of the United States.  In essence, they voted THEIR CONSCIENCE & the result was Trump!