Does anyone else think the government will eventually undergo the process of ent

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  1. Nathan Schut profile image61
    Nathan Schutposted 21 months ago

    Does anyone else think the government will eventually undergo the process of entropy?

  2. bradmasterOCcal profile image30
    bradmasterOCcalposted 21 months ago

    At least not by the definition in physics.
    The US government is made up of 2 diametrically opposite ideologies. For entropy to happen both sides must absorb to be equal. In which case, the US government would consist of one ideological party, and as we have seen this year the sides have moved further apart.

    What would be the result of your question being answered in the affirmative? What would that look like for the US gov and the country and its people.

  3. Dont Taze Me Bro profile image61
    Dont Taze Me Broposted 21 months ago

    The idea of entropy comes from a principle of thermodynamics dealing with energy.It usually refers to the idea that everything in the universe eventually moves from order to disorder and entropy is the measurement of that change.

    So I guess you could apply the principle to anything in the universe but if that is true and the universe started with the big bang resulting in universal disorder, how did order appear? Doesn't the appearance of life and the resulting institutions of intelligent life, one could say the pinnacle of order in the universe disprove the principle of entropy? Or does the principle of entropy dictate that life and all order in the universe had to be placed there, in other words created, before entropy of it could occur and/or be measured?

    Answer those two question and you maybe you'll have the answer to this Q&A. Or maybe this Q&A has no answer.

  4. tsmog profile image82
    tsmogposted 21 months ago

    A good thought exercise for wandering and pondering. But, we are kinda’ stuck as DTMB pointed out. Government is the isolated system that ‘Entropy’ is a measurement of. But, for fun let’s look at one view that entropy is greatest when equilibrium is perfect. That comes from when entropy is looked at as the measurement of energy dispersal.
    When energy is dispersing potential energy is converted to kinetic. Once dispersed there is no longer kinetic energy. But, within an isolated system energy cannot be created or destroyed, so we have potential energy remaining at its greatest.

    Ice crystals → Water → Steam → Vapor → Ice crystals

    A big picture view . . . our government is determined by the process of voting – energy dispersal. Our national Election Day is a point in time where all eligible voters vote. Even though some will not vote, IMHO their vote counts as a default for the winner since they did not cast a canceling vote. In other words our government is completely self-governing at that point.

    Once all voting is completed and there is a final count all the energy has been dispersed, thus perfect equilibrium is reached and entropy is at its greatest. Borrowing from the Three Musketeers ‘All (Self-governing) for one (Government) and One for all’.
    Next, with the blink of an eye there is a zero point. But, within an isolated system energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be transferred or converted. Pun intended we all know our government does not work, so energy is not transferred as work. But, again with the blink of an eye, each voter has a new vote. Energy has been converted to potential. Now, the cycle begins again where that is when potential energy is at its greatest. Next, entropy begins to increase with energy dispersal seeking perfect equilibrium.

    But, the curve ball is the Electoral College . . . oh well just having fun anyway . . .

  5. wingedcentaur profile image85
    wingedcentaurposted 21 months ago

    Hi Nathan Schut! How's it going?

    May I ask: What is it that you are actually asking? The question is not as simple as you may think it is----at least, as I read it.

    First of all, which government are you talking about? What national government, or any other territorial configuration, of "government" are you talking about? The Australian government? The British government? The Thai government? The United States government? The Bolivian government?

    And your use of the word "entropy"; are we talking about "the government" as a thing or a process?

    Are you referring to "Brexit"? Do you consider Britain's vote to leave the European Union to be a sign of (political) "entropy" or dysfunction?

    Are you referring to the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States? Are you saying that you see this as a sign of American (political) "entropy" or dysfunction?

    What are we talking about?



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