If one stands alone does that mean they stand against all others?

  1. Thomas Finney profile image49
    Thomas Finneyposted 6 months ago

    If one stands alone does that mean they stand against all others?

  2. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 6 months ago


    NOT AT ALL.  Standing alone means that the individual has a consciousness & mind of his/her own.  It also signifies that h/she is not an unthinking sheeple like most of humanity.  A person who stands alone is fiercely independent & highly discerning, even highly intelligent.  H/she can't be easily swayed by the popular consensus at the time whether it be cultural, political, societal, or religious.  H/she won't go along w/the crowd because it's the in thing to do.  This person can ANALYZE the situation at hand for himself/herself.

    This is the person whom others are afraid of & even threatened by.  Many people who have stood alone in history were oftentimes disavowed by others because the former aren't about to go along with the program.  Such people have faced more than disavowal, even censure by others.  There were some who have been punished by the prevailing government because they spoke out against things that others accepted either out of fear or blindly.  Sophie Scholl died rather to acquiesce to the prevailing Nazi consensus of the day.  She knew that Nazism was wrong & ACTED UPON it  She wasn't able to believe in Nazism because others in Germany did so.

    Many brave people stood alone.  History is filled w/such people.  Such people are oftentimes reviled while they are alive but worshipped once they are dead.  Such people are the reason that positive societal advancements were made.  They are the visionaries which implanted knowledge for future generations.  It was people who stood alone who instituted gradual cultural, political, societal, & even religious changes.   People who follow & succumb to the general &prevailing societal consensus seldom, if ever, change the world or make history.  The majority of people are slaves, only those who stand alone are.....FREE agents.