Is the investigation into if Russia meddled with elections in actuality a questi

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    tsmogposted 9 months ago

    Is the investigation into if Russia meddled with elections in actuality a question of sovereignty?

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 9 months ago

    No. Using the word "if" in the question is itself  a negation. The possibility of Russia meddling without any evidence means that there is no basis that there was any meddling in the election. Therefore, the investigation is more of a question in politics. The day after the election, the democrats floated the Russian influence story.

    This was something that president Obama had known about way before the election. And he reprimanded Trump about any possibility of there being any hacking into the election. President Obama didn't do anything about any Russian influence, no investigation, nothing really was done.

    Then when HRC loses the election, it now becomes a partisan political issue. According to the dems of grave national concern.

    The dems also were silent on the NBC leaking of the 10 year old tape of Billy Bush and Trump. This was evidently done to blackmail Trump into dropping out of the race.

    In addition, FBI dir James Comey gave congress a dossier which claimed that Trump did some bad things in Russia. That Russian Dossier had been floating around for several months before Comey released it. It was a dem opposition paper on Trump. This was another attempt to blackmail Trump into dropping out of the presidency he won.

    The dems claimed that all 17 US intel agencies agreed on this dossier, but the dossier was quickly debunked as a fake. Yet, the dems used it to continue their fruitless Trump Russia investigation. This dossier was used by the dems to say that Russia could blackmail Trump because of its contents. How do 17 US intel agencies not have their own investigation and report rather than rely on this opposition paper. Not only didn't they do their own investigation, none of these intel agencies did any checking on verifying the contents of the report for validity and veracity. And that is stated in their report.
    Yet, the dem investigation on Trump continued.

    Both of these were attacks on Trump clearly to influence the election and the presidency of Trump. These should have been the topic of election influencing along with the alleged hacking of the DNC servers. And further that the DNC wouldn't let any US intel agency get on these computers.BTW, Podesta's password for this computer system was "password".

    So that is why this isn't a ? of sovereignty.
    In addition, the US and its intel agencies have done this to numerous countries, and other countries have snooped on us. Not a secret.