So WHY DOES the liberal party enslave minorities ?

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    ahorsebackposted 8 months ago

    Group thought , illegal immigrants , phony victimization , identity politics , "Join our party  , we will save you , we will raise your children , provide for  you and them ?"

    Isn't it REALLY just for the party votes ?

    - Has it poverty ended
    - Has it ended crime
    - Have women advanced
    - Has child abuse ended
    - Have blacks advanced
    - Have Hispanics  advanced beyond menial employment

    Have Democrats Advanced your life situation ?

    1. Credence2 profile image81
      Credence2posted 8 months agoin reply to this

      Well, Horse this has come up more than once, linked is a very comprehensive display of who voted for whom in the 2016 election. Your Right wing buddies just might learn something this time.

      You will note that Asians, Hispanics, Blacks and Jews lean overwhelmingly democratic. The only people that Trump wins hands down are white people. So, how come the Jews and Asians vote Democratic, their groups are not "dependent on Government"? So much for this excuse always given by the Right as the reason minorities groups support Democrats.

      The GOP hardline support of Israel is not attracting them any votes from Jewish folks here in America. And how about the "model minority" (Asians) they certainly don't vote Republican as a rule.

      Why are White people at odds with the rest of us? A quandary wrapped in an enigma...

      Do you really think that all these groups vote Democratic because they are enslaved and duped? Maybe we better find out why there is so much distance between what whites think is a viable candidate as compared to minorities, ALL minorities. Because the electoral tally shows little support for Trump among all that are non-white. You really think that is so  because they are "enslaved" and they don't know it? A bit presumptious on your part, would you say?
 … /president

    2. Credence2 profile image81
      Credence2posted 8 months agoin reply to this

      Horse, you are the one that asked this question. I put forth another question to your question and I would really like to know how you and other conservatives would answer it.

  2. Live to Learn profile image82
    Live to Learnposted 8 months ago

    It is my opinion that both parties seek to enslave. They just use different tactics to hoodwink.

    1. Credence2 profile image81
      Credence2posted 8 months agoin reply to this

      That is as good an answer as any, so far...

  3. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 8 months ago

    One thing about your posts we can always count on , Credence .
    Your race based conclusions  always show through ,  "........The only people Trump wins hands down are white people ............."  yet , how false . Perhaps you should look deeply into something BESIDES the incredible liberal bias of the news media that  supplies leftist bottom feeders with these "facts " that your party will always merely  skim across on your way to biasland.

    Take for instance Twitter ,   having joined just a couple of years ago , I am amazed at the 'across the spectrum '  support of  not only Trump but his policies , his diplomacies ,  his patriotism , from ALL walks of life .   Twitter enjoys one thing that the rest of the biased News media seemingly will never get ;  Trump has a direct line of communication to and from his support base , The entire real cross section of  voting Americans .  Women ,the  minorities , the young , older Americans , students ,..................All of this unfiltered by a NEW ,leftist , Alinsky based  otherworldly news media .

    This base of strong support for Trump includes women ,  teachers , professors , blacks , hispanics ,  elderly Americans  , IN fact  newer and younger voters enter this spectrum every single day .  While back in Mainstream News Media  La-La land  one would have to believe he is hated by everyone without a white skin , a walker and wearing "depends"    as you have decided .

    I advice anyone to shut off the TV  maybe get on the net , look at a sight like Twitter and see the real base for Trump's America , go to a Trump rally , look at the FACES IN THE CROWD  and decide for yourself ,   " Why do I sit glued to the bias of those like CNN who don't tell me anything but How To Vote .

    Trump's going to win in 2020 hands down at this point . You like polls ,   I advise you to look at the polls for the decline of organized labor in America just in the last ten years ,   They have declined by  fully  a third in even existing . No more AFL-CIO like strangleholds on voting groups .  The same holds true , I believe ,  for the  'enslavement " of all liberal political groups , teachers , military , college students , minorities , women . 

    It's a real pizzer when grown  people start deciding for themselves and ignoring  the rigid party strangleholds .  The  Democratic party is leaderless ,  without a cause , without a mission and without the "whips and chains" of of those like Joe Biden to tell them why they need to continue a downward  social and economic spiral . The RNC and GOP  are  not far behind , notice how silent they are .
    Yet the political movement outside of the Two Party system is growing . And , Trump's non-establishment base is growing .

    1. Credence2 profile image81
      Credence2posted 8 months agoin reply to this

      One thing about your posts we can always count on , Credence .

      Your race based conclusions  always show through ,  "........The only P
      Well, Horse, why is an Orange orange? You are the one that created this thread. Did you just create it to bait people , or do you just throw anything upon the wall to see if it sticks?

      Perhaps, if you quit making excuses, do you have documented proof that your babbling assertions are true? Is it part of conservative anti-intellectualism, to dispute professional analysis only with an opposition based solely on nothing more substantial than the fact that you say so?

      The irritating thing about conservatives is that in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they will still insist that the moon is made of green cheese.

      Your personal observation means nothing, so, how is that proof?

      Trump could not have won without the majority support of both white men and women. Instead of equivocating, answer me why do not the same concerns that drove whites to vote for Trump arenot shared by ANY minority group. This is evident by documented voting patterns, unless you think that is fake news as well? If you don't know, you can cut the s***, and just say so. You can cut the press conspiracy BS and answer a direct question with a direct answer. So, you saw single black face, clowns and circus performers, at a Trump rally on Fox Tee-Vee, what of it?

      Is this the best conservatives have the offer? They are either too fearful to address a question they don't have an answer to, or like you, equivocate with everything but a relative answer.

      To remind you again, you asked the question on this thread are you really naive enough to think that you would not be challenged in this regard? As always, you and what appears to be the conservatives as a group, fall short.

      I am afraid that it is US against YOU and unfortunately all supporting data excludes other differences, economic, or even differences on the issues of the day. The most reliable determinant as to who votes and support Trump or not is whether one is Anglo or belonging to any and all non-white groups. It's reaching over your head most certainly, but as consolation, it reaches over the heads of many.

  4. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 8 months ago

    "........conservatives anti intellectualism ........ documented proof ........professional analisis  ......supporting data ....." It's truly amazing to what extent  all of these descriptions of yours represent nothing more than  encyclopedic bull shyte and elitist , biased intellectualism from your party base . The real kicker though is that you all collectively fall for it .       It's as  if the school nurse has told you all you're ADHD so take this alt-liberal pill and just swallow it whole.

    Nurse "Everything's just going to be fine" but you're all still just beating your heads against the cinder block wall in the academic hallways  wondering why your party is losing its entire base of  listeners , your house majorities have dwindled to minor gangs of directionless house representatives  with a lead speaker who can't complete even a whole sentence because of dementia or some other mental condition  .

    Funny isn't it ?  All your "supporting data " can't even explain why your party can't even  produce a single political vision two years after its massive defeat !     Obama's entire re-engineered  society plan of action went the way of all liberal  programs ,  Democrats should have just  placed a phone call to the Castros in Cuba , they could have told you all about socialism and its failures for free .

    What's ".......reaching over your heads ........" as to your democratic party ?  Is any way , form or plan of action for tomorrow . Nothing but the same tired social programming message ;

    " Vote for us , we know what's best for you as a group , give us your children , your poor minorities , your recidivist parolees ,  your illegal immigrants we will create a new caste system guaranteed to entitle you well into the future , look at our finest examples in Chicago's violent crime rates , in NYC's record  welfare project  housing , in Trenton NJ's increased MS 13 gang activities , in LA's thousands of  homeless on the streets , in Seattle's  heroin addiction  ,even in liberal rural America's  Fentanyl addiction cultures "   

    Definition of insanity ; Doing the same thing over and over and over again hoping for different results .
    Wondering why yet ?
    Time for a change ? Vote Trump !


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