Murder Most Foul

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  1. theirishobserver. profile image60
    theirishobserver.posted 13 years ago

    Have you ever known any one who was murdered? I have written today about the day my uncle was murdered and I wondered if others had known the pain of knowing a person who had been murdered?

    1. lorlie6 profile image76
      lorlie6posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I've never known anyone who has been murdered personally, but I wanted to tell you here in the forums what an excellent and touching job you did in that particular Hub.

  2. IzzyM profile image87
    IzzyMposted 13 years ago

    Yes my nephew was murdered at only 18 years of age and due to plea bargaining the perpetrators only received 6 months in prison each. After release they did the same thing to someone else!

  3. theirishobserver. profile image60
    theirishobserver.posted 13 years ago

    IzzyM sometimes the system fails victims and their explanation or judgement from the courts will ever be enough to end the pain........

  4. profile image0
    L. Andrew Marrposted 13 years ago

    I'm not sure this counts but my sisters best friend got killed in Afganistan. He was in a paratroopers regiment and trood on a landmine.

    Where I live there is a memorial service held for him every year (it happened three years ago now) and each service over 500 people turn up.

  5. Happyontheinside profile image74
    Happyontheinsideposted 13 years ago

    My friend's dad opened the door to someone and got stabbed in the chest. He died and left behind my mate and his two younger siblings whom he now takes care of. They caught the guy and he's got a few years jail time...When he gets out I'm afraid my mates might go after him. There was another murder in my home town at Christmas there too, some guy we used to live near beat his fiance and left her in the cold. She died in hospital. The guy turned himself in the next day but I never heard anything else since. I know a couple of people who killed themselves as well but I don't know if that counts. For some reason (possibly the weather) Scotland has quite a high suicide rate.

    Wow...This is a cheery way to start my day...

  6. theirishobserver. profile image60
    theirishobserver.posted 13 years ago

    L. Andrew Marr, it all counts, death affects all of us....

  7. theirishobserver. profile image60
    theirishobserver.posted 13 years ago

    happyontheinside, sorry to hear your tragic story, suicide is also high here done a hub on it the other day, every day bad news in relation to suicide....

  8. AEvans profile image75
    AEvansposted 13 years ago

    A friend's father was murdered in Washington D.C. inside his jewelry story early in the day in 1977 and his murder is still unsolved.

  9. theirishobserver. profile image60
    theirishobserver.posted 13 years ago

    sorry to hear that AEvans, there is much tragedy in the world, much pain....

  10. donotfear profile image84
    donotfearposted 13 years ago

    Yes, about 3 people over the years that I considered friends at one time.

  11. Rochelle Frank profile image90
    Rochelle Frankposted 13 years ago

    Friends of my parents were murdered by their son.  I wrote a hub."Sociopathic murderers..."

  12. Sara Tonyn profile image61
    Sara Tonynposted 13 years ago

    A friend of mine was murdered by a man who was acting out rage against women. For some reason he chose a library to go berserk. My friend was working at the help desk which was right by the door. He shot and killed her as soon as he entered the library. He wounded 3 other people before he ran out.  (He was eventually caught and convicted.)

    My friend was only 18 years old at the time and it was her first day on the job. I remember how excited she was the night before she was about to start working there.

    I heard about it on the radio while I was at work and I really couldn't believe it happened. I was sure they must have gotten the victim's name wrong. But they didn't, it really was Kathy. It was horrible.

  13. marcel285 profile image64
    marcel285posted 13 years ago

    The last book i read by Ann Rule, was a true story about murder,and one of the most savage murders i have heard of.

    This man hired a man to murder his ex wife, he was obsessed with making her life a misery. The hit man shot the woman, slit her throat, and stabbed her multiple times, in front of her 2 year old quadruplets.

    The 4 babies were crying,and alone in their mothers blood for about 6 hours before the body was discovered.

  14. profile image0
    Ghost32posted 13 years ago

    Remind me not to read Ann Rule.  In Cold Blood (by Truman Capote) was about as much as I could handle without becoming homicidal myself....

    People I've known who were murdered:

    1.  An uncle who was found on his Montana ranch at age 60, face down with a bullet in his back.

    2.  A cousin, pistol by her side, camping alone in the mountains.  May have been suicide; no way to know.

    3.  A cousin's wife--her husband came home drunk, she took off in their pickup, he let fly with a .30-30 round through the back of the cab.  State took their son, gave him ten years.  He later served as a counselor until his death from cancer.

    4.  My father's best friend and his wife--.45 long colt revolver--either murder-suicide or double suicide.

    5.  Acuaintance when we lived near Anaconda, MT.  Husband wouldn't shut up, told his wife to shoot him if she wanted to shut him up.  She did.  Didn't shut him up.  Shot him again.  That worked.

    6.  In a location to remain nameless in case her descendants never figured it out:  Elderly lady in a nursing home, smothered with a pillow by the man handling her estate. 

    Guess I'll stop there.....

  15. theirishobserver. profile image60
    theirishobserver.posted 13 years ago

    Ghost32 - I juts dont know what to say - I think there may well be a book worth writing on the topic for you....thanks for sharing

  16. profile image0
    Ghost32posted 13 years ago

    Thanks, Irish, but I prefer to write fiction when it comes to full length books.  Fewer hurt feelings and lawsuits that way.

    #7.  When an ex and I ran a group home for teenagers, one of 'em babysat for a lady in her twenties.  Said lady was out with her boyfriend, ex-husband walked up to their car and popped the boyfriend in the back of the head with a .22.

    Oh, wait, I  was going to cut off the list!  Help!  I'm a serial writer!  big_smile

  17. theirishobserver. profile image60
    theirishobserver.posted 13 years ago

    Thanks Ghost32, on my way over to read some more of your stuff

  18. AnythingArtzy profile image69
    AnythingArtzyposted 13 years ago

    I'm so sorry to hear about all this violent death that surrounds all of you. I can't imagine the pain. I wish I could give all of you a big hug.

    I had a great uncle killed by his wife for running around but that was waaaaaaaaaaay back before I was born so there really is no emotional connection but still sad to hear it happened.

  19. salt profile image60
    saltposted 13 years ago

    That is sad, I took a job in a country town where a the girl who had the job before me was murdered. I didnt know this at the time. They took swabs of all the mouths of the men in the town.

    Years later, when living in the city, I had someone bothering me a little and I think he was going to wrap me in gladwrap. (I had always wanted to know what happened to Laura in twin peeks.) and I went to move house and the realestate agent suggested a unit in the same area, I said I dont think so thanks.. a week later, the man who had bitten the girl in the other town to death was found living in a block of flats close to where the real estate agent suggested. I always had an odd feeling when I lived in that suburb. I am unsure why, but I feel some link to that moment.. Lately, I have been worried about my own safety a little, with my car being stolen and returned with all the items missing, even my street directory .. I think I can feel someone with my painting of a sunset... bit creepy...


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