The CDC Inflated Covid fatality numbers by 1,600 percent

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  1. Readmikenow profile image95
    Readmikenowposted 3 years ago

    So, what is real when it comes to Covid?  Can we believe what the government is telling us?  Not correctly reporting numbers at this level requires effort.  What would be the motivation?

    "CDC Inflated Covid fatality numbers by 1,600 percent

    A peer-reviewed study contends the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention violated federal law by inflating Coronavirus fatality numbers.
    The figures were inflated by at least 1,600%, according to the Public Health Initiative of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, which published the study, titled "COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective."

    Among the notable findings in the study is the conclusion that the CDC "illegally enacted new rules for data collection and reporting exclusively for COVID-19 that resulted in a 1,600% inflation of current COVID-19 fatality totals," the watchdog group All Concerned Citizens said in a statement provided to National File. " … bers-1600/

    1. CHRIS57 profile image61
      CHRIS57posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Come on, we all know better.

      By now 1 out 670 Americans have died from Covid19. If you don´t live like an emerit you should personally know someone who had died from the virus. Even some politicians, prominent people died from Covid.
      Never heard from any publicly exposed person to die from regular flu.

      But this Covid stuff is different. Use your own common sense, not questionable news sources.

    2. DWDavisRSL profile image82
      DWDavisRSLposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Known conspiracy theorists don't really make the best sources for scientific information, especially when the groups have shown repeatedly that they are anti-science and anti-fact.
      "WorldNetDaily is an online publication founded and run by Joseph Farah that claims to pursue truth, justice and liberty. But in fact, its pages are devoted to manipulative fear-mongering and outright fabrications designed to further the paranoid, gay-hating, conspiratorial and apocalyptic visions of Farah and his hand-picked contributors from the fringes of the far-right and fundamentalist worlds." -SPLC

      1. DWDavisRSL profile image82
        DWDavisRSLposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        "Fear-mongering is WorldNetDaily's specialty. It regularly publishes paranoid fantasies billed as fact, such as a baseless six-part series claiming that soybean consumption causes homosexuality. It has heavily promoted The Pink Swastika, a wretched opus by gay-basher Scott Lively that claims gay men orchestrated the Holocaust." - SPLC

  2. profile image0
    PrettyPantherposted 3 years ago

    Debunked by PolitiFact.

  3. Live to Learn profile image60
    Live to Learnposted 3 years ago

    For every study,  you'll get an immediate counter claim contradicting it.  The left isn't interested in the truth.  Just what they can drum up to fit their narrative.

    1. profile image0
      PrettyPantherposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Not really, but you'll believe what you believe.

  4. lions44 profile image94
    lions44posted 3 years ago

    The 2 organizations you cite in the link,  Public Health Initiative of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge and All Concerned Citizens are just anti-vax, conspiracy pedaling groups that have nothing to do with any real medical research. 

    The last thing we need now is for some gullible, but medically, vulnerable person to fall for these lies and think it's okay to stop taking precautions. Fauci is a good man who had to face death threats from a bunch of losers. The constant criticism of him has been disgraceful. 

    Please wear your mask, social distance, and as soon as you can, get vaccinated.

  5. Valeant profile image84
    Valeantposted 3 years ago
  6. Readmikenow profile image95
    Readmikenowposted 3 years ago

    In the world of government getting your budget increased is always the goal.  There doesn't have to be positive test for Covid for it to be listed as a cause of death.  A death can be listed as Covid if it is “assumed” it was the cause.  Cold and flu symptoms are all lumped together as Covid.  You don't have to be tested for Covid for you to get a diagnosis of it.  This article quotes the actual CDC guidelines.

    “REPORT: CDC Apparently Changed COVID Criteria That Inflated Fatalities 10-Fold (2/2)

    “Yet, somehow, hardly anyone in America is even aware that the CDC managed to get their initial $8 billion budget for 2020 increased by a factor of six to a whopping $46 billion by relentlessly honking the COVID-19 panic-horn. (H/t, RedState reader, Kurt Schulzke.)”

    You see, in March of 2020, the CDC announced some changes to the way they wanted doctors to start filling out death certificates. And a few weeks later, the CDC issued some new diagnostic guidelines.

    Consider the COVID-19 clinical diagnostic criteria the CDC issued in April:
    (i) At least two of the following symptoms: fever (measured or subjective), chills, rigors, myalgia, headache, sore throat, new olfactory and taste disorder(s)
    (ii) At least one of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing
    (iii) Severe respiratory illness with at least one of the following:
    Clinical or radiographic evidence of pneumonia, OR
    Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).
    No alternative more likely diagnosis

    Moreover, almost unbelievably, the March CDC guidelines for filling out death certificates, which were composed in a Q&A format, state:

    Q: Should “COVID-19” be reported on the death certificate only with a confirmed test?
    A: COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.

    Moreover, notice that the March guidelines don’t just mean that COVID-19 will get listed on a coughing decedent’s death certificate in the absence of any test confirming infection. If you have a cough and then die, your death certificate will list COVID-19 even if you did have a test but it came back negative.
    Indeed, the CDC’s instructions guarantee that COVID-19 will wind up on your death certificate no matter how many negative tests you had!
    And, though coughing is the most egregious CDC criteria unique to COVID-19 sufficient for a positive diagnosis, the others listed along with it are nearly as bad.

    The epidemiological criteria that have to be satisfied in addition to the clinical ones cited above are:
    One or more of the following exposures in the 14 days before onset of symptoms:
    Close contact** with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 disease; OR
    Close contact** with a person with:
    clinically compatible illness AND
    linkage to a confirmed case of COVID-19 disease.
    Travel to or residence in an area with sustained, ongoing community transmission of SARS-CoV-2.
    Member of a risk cohort as defined by public health authorities during an outbreak. … on-n316252

  7. profile image0
    ValKarasposted 3 years ago

    With massive victims of political brainwashing (domestic and worldwide) displaying symptoms of gullibility, there is practically nothing that people won't believe, if it's coming from someone of some authority.

    Statistics show that in the US alone, over 300,000 people die yearly from medical screwups, meaning that an enormous number of those get swept under the rug as "covid-19 cases".

    Difficulty with breathing might come from tightened diaphragm caused by anxiety (as we know, diaphragm is a muscle doing the breathing, and it's affected by the fagus nerve which is a part of sympathetic nervous system, which gets stimulated by stress)-- and anxiety must be at incredible increase since all this masking, distancing, lockdown, and financial uncertainty charade started.

    Have you noticed that suddenly nobody is dying of yearly flu? Each and every year over 600,000 people die of heart diseases and as many of cancers in the US, and if there is a "suspicion" of a present covid as a secondary factor, it gets classified as covid related death.

    And then, stress kills, and the world has been exposed to a prolonged stress with all this paranoia produced by daily reporting of questionable numbers of new "cases". Why do people "have to know", if stress is detrimental to our immunity?

    A logical prognosis? 1) The virus is bound to magically disappear as soon as the Big Pharma gets paid for global orders of vaccine, or 2) if the global frustration reaches a boiling point threatening the political institution (demonstrations in Europe already hint at it), or 3) when the global market and World Bank has achieved their objectives which started the whole covid scare.
    And then -- of course -- I could be damn wrong about all of the above, so, let everyone pick their own interpretation of what's going on.


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