Kind of new here I figured I would share some musings.

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  1. Falsor Wing profile image73
    Falsor Wingposted 10 years ago

    If subliminal messaging really can implant suggestions in a person's subconscious by flashing images or what have you, the internet seems like it would be the perfect delivery system. People will complain about flickering images on the TV but anything that flashes or pops up on the internet will be shrugged of as another add. This is a possible explanation for Google's reign over the internet. Pokemon would also seem a reasonable candidate for the conspiracy; it has flashing images AND is responsible for the largest mass seizure in world history. There you have it; Google and the Pokemon people are in cahoots and you will all soon bow before them.

    P.S. does anyone know if there is good money in writing about conspiracies. I don't know that much about conspiracy theories, except what I learned from arguing with a NASA-faked-the-moon-landing junkie I went to high school with, but I'll bet I can make something up.

    P.P.S. Is there a way to make blogger and HP prevent me from posting between 3-11 AM? Otherwise I see additional postings like this one in my future.

    P.P.P.S. This spellchecker actually recognized cahoots as word. I approve.

    1. mythbuster profile image79
      mythbusterposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Subliminal messaging is in more than just flashing images, isn't it?

    2. IzzyM profile image89
      IzzyMposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Um...from what I have heard, subliminal messaging works, but don't you worry about it coming down the internet, it is already being delivered through your TV and radio.
      We've advanced a bit. It's no longer flickering images, it's blank spaces.
      A message gets recorded at high speed, so that it sounds like chipmunks chattering, then gets re-recorded with the volume down low, so low you can't actually hear it. But your subconscious can!

      Those little blank spaces on the TV between programs are now worrisome.

      Actually I just published a hub about that.

      Conspiracy Theories

      Who told you conspiracy theorists were mad? No, you're going to say you didn't think that, but you do!
      This is oh-so-cleverly-managed by the Press! The newspapers you read every day - the TV programs you watch.

      Don't believe me?

      Google the name of who owns the newspaer, who owns the TV station, then google their names to see if they are Bilderbergers.

      Post back your results. I'm interested.
      By the way, the owner of google is a Bilderberger.

      1. mythbuster profile image79
        mythbusterposted 10 years agoin reply to this


        I think that the term "Conspiracy Theory" and similar related terms have been effectively warped by common media - to mean "conspiracy (crazy) theory" and "conspiracy (nut) theorist."

        Technically, a Conspiracy Theory is plain and simple - a theory about a conspiracy that holds enough weight that people should darn well start looking into the conspiracy further...

        But, when most people see the words "Conspiracy Theory" together, they automatically think, "nutcase" and "crazy ideas," etc...which fits right in here under the topic of subliminal everything.

        I'm on my way, btw, to check out your hub that you mentioned.

      2. Sab Oh profile image55
        Sab Ohposted 10 years agoin reply to this


  2. Dame Scribe profile image60
    Dame Scribeposted 10 years ago

    lol Falsor Wing, got to love how your mind wanders along and the questions you come up with. I'm no help in conspiracy theories, sorry, but they can be fun I would imagine. big_smile

  3. IzzyM profile image89
    IzzyMposted 10 years ago

    Absolutely! People see the words 'conspiracy theory' and immediately associate it with something or someone nutty - not quite the full shilling - with warped ideas on reality.
    This has been cleverly programmed into us by the media, to put us 'off the chase' for the truth out there.
    I'm not any different from the rest of us. I also turned off at the mention of the words 'conspiracy theory' because I was conditioned to do so, like everyone else.
    Until I read that book.....


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