The crisis of boys and men

  1. secularist10 profile image86
    secularist10posted 7 years ago

    A recent article ( … emproblems) talks about the fact that boys are falling behind girls in American schools, why this is the case, and what the potential consequences are.

    So is the American male in crisis, his identity and sense of self having been thrown out of whack by the success of the women's movement? Or, do the guys just need to buck up and get a grip?

    Is there are an institutional bias favoring the female in American schools? Should teachers and parents continue to pay special attention to girls and girls' needs, or has it gone too far, and they should now focus on the lagging boys?

    1. realtalker profile image38
      realtalkerposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Interesting article.

      I think schools need to focus on the real problem at hand though - that is, being able to accept everyone for what they are.

      If schools can accept that, then there will be a less biased environment and every student will be able to gain more knowledge in the classroom.

      1. secularist10 profile image86
        secularist10posted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Great points, realtalker. It can be tough for some people to see past the gender of anyone, unfortunately, as a result favoring males or females for whatever reason.