Plymouth-Canton School District Allows Ceremonial Dagger

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  1. profile image57
    C.J. Wrightposted 11 years ago

    With many school districts banning even the imagery of weapons on campus this seems a bit ridiculous. Your thoughts? … 110201-mr#

  2. profile image57
    C.J. Wrightposted 11 years ago

    Check this out as well. Are we going too far? … 04097.html

  3. SpanStar profile image59
    SpanStarposted 11 years ago

    For me this is a little difficult to judge. I do not want to hamper someone's ritual especially if it pertain to their religious belief. Still bringing what can be considered a weapon into the public arena presents a number of problems.

    Firing projectiles at people who I presume did not wish to have these projectiles hit them creates an unsafe condition and everyone's safety is important.

    The biggest problem I'm having is we as adults have created such a society that many mothers are uncomfortable about breast-feeding their babies in public, many fathers are afraid to put their arms around her daughter is in public.

    We cannot unfortunately have it both ways, a free and liberal behavior with no touching or posturing when we are in close proximity to one another.

    1. profile image57
      C.J. Wrightposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Agreed the guy spitting "bb's" was harrasing people.

      I took the time to look up Michigans laws regarding Knives.

      750.227. (1) A person shall not carry a dagger, dirk,
      stiletto, a double-edged nonfolding stabbing instrument of
      any length, or any dangerous weapon, except a hunting
      knife adapted and carried as such, concealed on or about
      his or her person, or whether concealed or otherwise in
      any vehicle... except in his or her dwelling house [or]
      place of business... (3) A person who violates this
      section is guilty of a felony...

      380.1313 Dangerous weapon found in possession of pupil...
      (1) If a dangerous weapon is found in the possession of a pupil
      while the pupil is in attendance at school or a school activity
      or while the pupil is enroute to or from school on a school bus,
      the superintendent of the school district or intermediate school
      district, or his or her designee, immediately shall report that
      finding to the pupil's parent or legal guardian and the local
      law enforcement agency.
      (2) If a school official finds that a dangerous weapon is in the
      possession of a pupil as described in subsection (1), the school
      official may confiscate the dangerous weapon or shall request a
      law enforcement agency to respond as soon as possible and to
      confiscate the dangerous weapon. If a school official confiscates
      a dangerous weapon under this subsection, the school official
      shall give the dangerous weapon to a law enforcement agency and
      shall not release the dangerous weapon to any other person,
      including the legal owner of the dangerous weapon. A school
      official who complies in good faith with this section is not
      civilly or criminally liable for that compliance...
      (4) As used in this section, 'dangerous weapon' means a firearm,
      dagger, dirk, stiletto, knife with a blade over 3 inches in length,
      pocket knife opened by a mechanical device, iron bar, or brass knuckles.
      History: Add. 1987, Act 211, Imd. Eff. Dec. 22, 1987 ;--Am. 1995,
      Act 76, Eff. Aug. 1, 1995 .
      Popular Name: Act 451

      So if the courts ruled that this child could carry this weapon. Is the law void?


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