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Trump Raises Birther Questions.

  1. OLYHOOCH profile image60
    OLYHOOCHposted 7 years ago

    Donald Trump, who is considering a run for the Republican presidential nomination, has joined the list of Republicans who question President Barack Obama's citizenship, Politico reports.

    The real estate mogul/reality TV star told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that he's a "little" skeptical Obama was born in Hawaii, despite documents showing that.

    "Growing up no one knew him," Trump said. "The whole thing is very strange." Other birthers who share his view shouldn’t be branded as "idiots," Trump said.

    He also said he’s prepared to spend up to $600 million if he decides to run for president.

    “I have much more than that,” Trump said. “Part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich. So if I need $600 million, I can put up $600 million myself. That’s a huge advantage over the other candidates.”

    Read more on Newsmax.com: Trump Raises Birther Questions
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  2. Cagsil profile image60
    Cagsilposted 7 years ago

    He would never get elected. lol

    1. Ralph Deeds profile image61
      Ralph Deedsposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Nope. He's a clown and has a few skeletons in his closet. Raising the birther issue proves he's a kook.

      1. Cagsil profile image60
        Cagsilposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        A few? Try too many. lol

  3. Mighty Mom profile image83
    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    He might learn from the example of former e-bay CEO Meg Whitman, who tried to buy the governorship of California.
    She spent $57 million and broke the record of most money spent on any US campaign.
    Maybe we should just forget elections and put the presidency up for auction -- POTUS, sold to the highest bidder (oh wait, we kinda already have that, don't we?)

    1. Cagsil profile image60
      Cagsilposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      lol lol

      Hey Mighty Mom, truly being the comic today, huh? tongue

  4. BobbiRant profile image60
    BobbiRantposted 7 years ago

    Pretty funny coming from a guy like Trump who in the 1980's sold junk bonds, so much so he was known as the junk bond king.  Junk bonds were deemed illegal and so instead of being rich, Trump should have been in prison.

  5. Mighty Mom profile image83
    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    I'm expressing my inner leprechaun tongue

  6. Mighty Mom profile image83
    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    Gettting back to serious.
    But Trump did not go to prison. So how damaging do you think his junk bond salesman past would be to him?
    Almost 30 years ago....?

    1. Cagsil profile image60
      Cagsilposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Not to mention, wasn't Trump's initial wealth created by Multilevel Marketing?

      I mean, the government is already a pyramid scheme as it is, but with him President....you can sure bet that the payscale for all government employees would change. lol lol lol

  7. Mighty Mom profile image83
    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    The odd implications are endless when it comes to Trump.
    He can select his cabinet from past seasons of The Apprentice (or better yet, Celebrity Apprentice).

    1. Flightkeeper profile image71
      Flightkeeperposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      lol I wonder if he'll be bringing in Omarosa. lol

  8. Doug Hughes profile image58
    Doug Hughesposted 7 years ago

    Look at Florida, though.

    Miami Herald


    Republican Rick Scott gave his campaign another $11.6 million in the final 12 days, bringing his total personal spending to more than $73 million and making this far and away the most expensive governor's race in history. "

    Voters chose to disregard the following facts. I quote from WUSF.

    "By John Davis, WGCU

    Two whistleblowers say the new front-runner in the Republican race for governor is lying when he says he did not know about fraud in his former company, the Columbia/ HCA hospital chain.

    In July 1997, FBI agents raided Columbia/HCA accounting offices in seven states, including Florida. Within days, Columbia’s board of directors ousted Scott, but gave him a nearly $10 million severance package, including stock shares worth $300 million and a $1 million a year consulting contract.

    The company wound up paying more than $1.7 billion for defrauding the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs."

    In a state full of Senior citizens, the biggest Medicare cheat in the history of Medicare buys the governor's mansion. This is what the GOP is counting on - that voters will vote against democrats without examining who they are voting for. Which is why La Lo posts a steady stream of anti-Obama and anti-democratic manure. Never any mention of what they are FOR.

  9. Jed Fisher profile image86
    Jed Fisherposted 7 years ago

    Yeah, I'd vote for Trump. I like his idea of making "customers" pay for US military support.

  10. Mighty Mom profile image83
    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    Scott won by a really, really, really tiny margin.
    $73 million buys a lot of negative info (read: lies) about your opponent and coverup (read: lies) about himself.
    I thought Alex Sink did really well, notwithstanding it was a David v. Goliath fight.

  11. Evan G Rogers profile image76
    Evan G Rogersposted 7 years ago

    Donald Trump is an ass clown.

    Ron Paul CAN get elected.