The Obama Doctrine Confusion & Inconsistency

  1. lady_love158 profile image58
    lady_love158posted 6 years ago

    Obama condemned waterboarding and signed an executive order instructing it not be used even though its been determined to be legal and the idiot Holder is still pursuing charges against those that used it to get information that led us Osama.

    Oddly violating the sovereignty of a foreign country and busting into Bin Laden's home and shooting the unarmed man in the face and chest in front of his wife and children is perfectly acceptable and cause for celebration.

    Attacking another sovereign nation, Libya, to prevent them from killing their own people is a justified use of American military assets and tax payers money and firing cruise missiles into Kadaffy's home is okay too even though his assination isn't part if the mission.

    Meanwhile in Syria Assad is killing thousands of his own people and this is okay because "we can't be everywhere".

    Yes the Obama doctrine is sooo nuances so above the understanding of mere mortals that only Obama can understand it! Lol!