Let's not talk of real issues here.

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    OTYScomposted 9 years ago

    I watched most of the Republican convention and very little was about real issues. The most i heard was about John McCain in a POW camp and how terrible Democratic ideas are. John McCain is a war hero, but it really takes more than being a hero to run a country. The fact that he was in a POW camp has absolutly no bearing on the issues of the day unless the issues are can he stand pain...
    Sarah Palin is a gun packing mother according to the soap opera evil woman look alike, Cindy McCain. Palin herself said little of substance either. She spent a good deal of time telling us how rotten and inexperienced Barrack Obama is when she herself has little experience and how she isn't running to please the "liberal media". I want a candidate who pleases ME! Not one who pleases her party or John McCain.
    I have no doubts John McCain loves his country and most of us do, but it takes a lot more than love to govern effectivly. It takes more than the ability to take pain and it takes more than being a war monger playing the part of peace keeper. If it were love of country only that makes a person qualify then 99% of 8 year olds qualify. At 8 I couldn't wait to go to war to fight Nazi's, "Japs" and Communists. Of course that all changed, but it is still not a qualification. I use the term "Japs" because I grew up in post WWII America like so many others my age when our fathers and grandfathers had WWII still very fresh on their minds. We grew up watching TV and movies where the term "Japs" was common so please, don't think of it as racist.. It isn't. It's in quotes to illustrate the thinking at the time.
    Anyway... This election won't be won because of issues again. if McCain wins it's because people see a "war hero" and if Obama wins they see a change in the leadership of the Democratic party because neither will lead this country. That hasn't happened since Franklin Roosevelt.

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    Uninvited Writerposted 9 years ago

    But McCain had a HUGE flag behind him when he was giving his speech...We all know that he with the biggest flag is the most caring about the country don't we? wink I was being sarcastic in case you misread this smile

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    livelongerposted 9 years ago

    The issues don't matter to most because they don't understand the issues. Unfortunate, but true.