Irish Presidential Election 2011

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    theirishobserver.posted 6 years ago

    Irish Presidential Election 2011

    All kinds of everything, was the theme,
    Then from Israel, came the scream
    He should not be, in the Presidential theme
    Then the Dragon, breathed some fire
    I’m in, said Gallagher, that’s my desire
    Gay said no, to corrupt Fianna Fail
    Then the kettle, began to boil
    Dana was ready, when the show came to town
    To prove yet again, she is no clown
    Michael D Higgins, best by far
    Not impressed by richness, or State funded car
    Fine Gael, gave it their best
    Could the quiet man, do the rest
    Mary Davis, threw in her hat
    Questions were asked, if she was a fat cat
    Her model posters, stood out from the rest
    Norris could not compete, in thermal vest
    Mary stated on RTE, I work for a charity
    From this we assume, she works for free
    In fact we discover, she was paid 200K fee
    The best as always, we save until last
    Martin McGuinness, what a Blast
    In the IRA, and done no harm
    Freestate voters, wooed by his charm
    Media propaganda, that’s what he said
    Myth of terrorism, no one is dead
    I had a gun, but it had no lead
    No drop of blood, did I shed
    I have convictions, but Gardai set me up
    I have worked with Paisley, and UVF PUP
    Lend me you Aras, and Mary’s china cup.

    1. Ralph Deeds profile image62
      Ralph Deedsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I saw a very good movie made in Ireland recently--"The Guard." Did you happen so see it. The Garda didn't come off well in the movie.

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    theirishobserver.posted 6 years ago

    I seen it Ralph, however, I can assure you that the Gardai are not that slow, they have worked with some of the top policing agencies in the world including the FBI, CIA, Interpol etc and they have had to deal with the IRA over the past 40 years.