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5 Problems That End Relationships

Updated on September 22, 2012

There are often times in relationships that we come to question if we have made the right decision. Was the person I married the right decision for me? Is the relationship I’m in making me happy and fulfilled? Is it worth the trouble to continue down this same road? Will it hurt less now? There are many things that can cause questions to be raised in our minds about our relationship decisions. Here, are some of the most common things people fight about and end the relationships.

1) Money- This is the number one reason that a couple will end their relationships. It could be because one person is working the other is not. It could be because of spending habits. It might be an issue where one person has an expensive habit. It could be that they are simply not good with finances. Whatever the reason that you have with money in your relationship find ways to work them out. There is always an option for getting information on setting budgets or even credit counseling and debt negotiating. Learning to work together in a difficult time will help you both become stronger.

2) Trust- This has to be the largest issue with relationships. More people will end relationships once they have lost the trust of the other person in it. IT does not have to be over something big either it could be a small mistake. Once the object of trust is gone then it is very hard to get it to come back.

The biggest thing that you can do to keep the building blocks of trust going is to communicate. Communicating to the other person how you feel about certain things will help keep your relationship open. Be honest in your communication when you are talking with your partner. If, the issue is regarding money, and you have been spending it behind his or her back then tell them the truth. Always set aside a few minutes a day to discuss anything that may be bothering you with your partners. The longer you hold in what is bothering you the more difficult it will be to correct the situation.

3) Sex- Believe it or not many people do not consider sex and issue. If, they do consider it an issue it is rarely talked about in the relationship. There are many things in regards to sex in a relationship that can cause strain on one another. Some of the issues that may need to be addressed are. How many times should we have sex? My partner is not pleasing me. I do not have enough sex to satisfy my needs. Along with other issues regarding sex.

There are a lot of things that can distract us in life. It could be kids, schedules, and careers. However, we should make it a point to set time away from these things to be with the one you love. Talk to them about what you are feeling, and what you would like in regards to your sexual relationship. Communicate your needs and be ready to receive the same from them. Knowing what each other’s expectations are in regards to sex can go a long way in giving you both the satisfaction you crave.

Remember that men and woman have different needs when it comes to sex. Woman want more time before the actual physical experience to cuddle and hold. Men want to get right down to business and start the physical pleasures of sex. However, since both men and woman are wired different couples need to take those into considerations.

4) Kids- Believe it or not it can be children that cause couple to break up. This can be for a variety of reason. One of the most common is that one partner or the other is responsible enough for the act of making children. They just do not want to be responsible for the raising of the children that result.

It may also be the fact you do not want to end a relationship because of the children. So, you decide that you will stay in a failed marriage or bad relationship because of the effects it will have on the kids.

Whatever the relationship status between two people there is no reason to have those conversations or fights in front of your kids. They can leave very negative and unresolved emotions in children for years afterward. Sometimes those issues are never resolved. Take the time out to communicate to your kids as a family and find out what their thoughts are on certain situations. Kids want to be able to communicate and know what the issues the families are facing too.

5). Religion. In today's world of volatile beliefs, religion can have major importance on a relationship. Respecting a person’s belief, however, many times they change over the course of their lives should be accepted.

One way to prevent the breakup caused by religion is when you are first dating get a good understanding of their religious background. If, their ideas conflict with yours, it will probably not be a match made in heaven. Make sure that if religion is ok with you that there are no mandatory beliefs in your partner’s life that also may conflict with yours.

These are a list of the top 5 relationship killers. There are others that people face, and they are different from each person to the other. With any relationship communication is the key to is success without it, you are not willing to understand the other persons objectives, feelings, and ideas in the relationship. So, always communicate every detail to prevent misunderstandings.


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  • Gypsy Willow profile image

    Gypsy Willow 5 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

    Very wise advice. When you take all these items into consideration, it is a wonder any survive. I think geographical location can also cause big problems.