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8 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Updated on July 4, 2012

When you first start seeing someone new, the sparks are flying the excitement is in the air. We can be blinded to the true natures of some of the people we are seeing. Once things have cooled down, and you have had time to take in all the perspectives of the relationship maybe you are just not as happy anymore. However, it’s time to decide if you want to make those few changes and give it a shot or call it quits and move on with your life. If, you are unsure continue reading and see if there are any signs on the least you need to change or consider.

1. Feel apart When right next to each other.

The whole world could be right next to you. However, you feel like you and your partner are a hundred million miles away in a different universe. Something is defiantly wrong with this picture. When you first got together you could tell everything they were thinking, and now you try to guess. However, this might just be a signal that your partner has already ended the relationship in their mind, and they have just been afraid to tell you yet.

2. What happened to that Warm Fuzzy feeling?

Quick picture your significant other. Was there a smile across your face when you were done? Even a little on? Did you think about that time that was a positive, happy one first, and it brought back some warm memories? If, not, then it’s probably a sign that you are only thinking of negative things about your partner. This might indicate the relationship is over in your mind too.

3. Sex.. Wait, what is that again?

A lot of the time when couples start to feel farther away from each other they stop having intimate relation. It’s not uncommon for couples to go in dry spells or a slow period of no sex now and then. However, if you can’t remember the last time you were physically close it is probably over in the bedroom and out in life.

4. Kissing. Wait what’s a kiss?

Even if, you are still having obligatory sex there, still seems some of the old intimacy is gone. For example, kissing. Kissing is a great way to help you bring those old connections to life again. However, if they are doing back flips to keep you from kissing them then its probably already over.

5. Lots of time lots of fighting

If, you are spending a great deal of time with your partner and are only fighting, there are problems. Maybe you have been given them the silent treatment for so long you forgot what you were fighting about. All couples fight. However, it’s when the fighting is constant over every detail of your life that it gets messy. You can try talking to friends, pastor or even a counselor. However, if neither of you are in agreement on going then it’s only going to start another fight. It’s a pretty good indication the relationship is over.

6. Infidelity

This can be the hardest thing to deal with if your partner cheats. However, you may be noticing red flags indicating that the possibility that they could be cheating on you. Making lame excuses about where he has been. Not answering the phone when you call. Doesn’t want to admit it yet but they are probably cheating on you.

7. You hate all his friends.

Have you found that when you are hanging out with his friends that they are a special kind of person. Usually if, you start finding his friends annoying, and you have known them forever then the likelihood of him having a similar personality is the same.

8. Do not make future Plans.

When you try to plan special gateways, or trying to make plans for the relationship in the future and every time your partner scoots around them. Try coming up with something a little sooner like a date night or some other small event you might want to do together. If, they are unable to commit to anything concrete then it’s most likely that they do not see a future together with you.

Now, all of these eight different things could mean that your relationship is over. It could also mean you still have a chance to make things right before they spiral out of control. Only you can decide if your relationship is over. So listen to your heart and take the best option and choose what is best for you to do.


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    SusieQ42 5 years ago

    Good ideas you have here! I voted this hub up and useful. Unfortunately, not all relationships are meant to be.