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Is The Relationship Over?

Updated on May 27, 2013

There are times in life we imagine that we are with that perfect someone. That, we are in a situation where there is nothing that can ruin this feeling we have. We know at this moment without a doubt that this is the person we want to spend the rest of our lives. Then, all of a sudden, it is over. Now generally most individuals will go through one or two relationships before they find the one they are truly longing to spend a lifetime. The ones that we do breakup with are done for a variety of reasons. However, do you want it to be over?

Love and Trust

The largest factor in any relationship is a combination of love and trust. These two concepts go hand in hand and are largely the result of most breakups. If, there is no trust in a relationship providing love to them is impossible. If, there is no love then there is no reason to trust your partner. There are times when the relationship will falter, and someone will make a mistake and break that trusting bond that is between them. Once the trust is broken it can be very hard to regain the trust back. This is the number one reason why people end up calling it quits after sometime.

There are other factors that pertain to the relationship, that keep the relationship going. One of them is having an interest in the things that your partner like to do. These common interests can be fun and exciting to do together. In the beginning, there is excitement, and you are going places together are fun. However, when this new excitement for the relationship wears off you find that you really do not have much in common with the other person. Then the two of you eventually decide to go in your different directions and move forward. This type of break up is easier, but, can still be emotional.

Do You Want The Relationship To Work?

Breaking up is never easy to do. However, a decision must be made in what you want to do. You have do make the choice if you are going to stay in and fix it or not. Either one of the decisions comes with the commitment to yourself that you will stick by your decision. That is why it should be discussed with the other person in relationship to make sure that they want to work at the relationship. A lot of time in the relationship one person wants something and the other does not which leads to an eventual breakup anyway.

Then there is the loss of that loving feeling you have for your partner. It may never happen, or it could happen ten years from now. There really is no way of knowing how that other person will feel in that moment. The idea of drifting apart due to no more love in the relationship is absurd, but the future is not written yet. Sometimes breaking up to prevent anymore heart ache on either side is the way to go. Otherwise, a commitment to your partner is the only way to find that love again.

Relationships can be what we want to make them. That includes a fully loving, committed and passionate relationship. However, that is up to each of us to give our best in every situation. Many people have saved their marriages form divorce and have never been happier than they are now. It is often when there is a threat of losing our loved ones that we start to kick it into high gear. Then, it often turns out better than it was in the beginning.


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