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7 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Updated on July 4, 2012

There are many reasons that people consider ending relationships they have started. Some of them can be very valid reasons. However, the majority of people in relationships tend to break up over very common things instead of communicating their differences they give up. Here, are some of the top relationship killers and some things you may be able to do to prevent your relationship from ending.

1. Nagging: This is what most men think of when the wives want something done, and they are focused on something else. However, I have heard it from woman too that men can nag just as easily. Instead of hinting around that you would like something accomplished try to be direct. Ask your partner directly what you would like him or her to do. It is good to let them know that accomplishing this is important to you. This can be anything form trash, dinner, kids, budget, or with bigger issues.

2. Values: Values are important in any relationship. When you first started going out the excitement of being with someone new, may have blinded you to some of the values that are important. However, as the relationship progresses you find that there is a need to decide the next step for the future. Then if, the values you want in family and children are different you need to talk about them and compromise. If, they can be worked out and agreed upon great if not it may be time to let them go.

3. Cheating: One of the most hurtful things that can happen in a relationship is to be cheated. This can cause very confusing and hurtful feelings for individuals. Why one or the other person decides to cheat, could be for any number of reasons. Sometimes they are not happy in a relationship, social inequities or being hurt. Don’t break a heart this way. If, you are going to cheat, than the relationship is already over so tell your partner first and move forward.

4. Abuse: One of the major reasons not to continue a relationship is because of abuse. This can take many forms like physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Often it will take someone many times finally to leave an abusive relationship due to the effects of it. However, after you have left the feelings of being scared, and starting over are normal. They will subside. Never stay in any form of an abusive relationship, nomatter the cost.

5. Emotional: Emotional needs can be touchy. Many couples need to learn what the degrees of emotional needs are needed to be met by both partners. If, you are having issues meeting the needs of your partner then sitting down and talking about them will help you understand where both of you are coming from. If, you are feeling neglected by your partner it is most likely you are doing something similar in nature even sub consciously to them.

6. Family: One of the biggest things you can do is watch how your other person interacts with their family. It is usually a big indicator how they will interact with you in the long term. Are the respectful and responsive? Are they withdrawn and shy? Some people do not get along with their families for one reason or another and avoid them completely. Also, how do you get along with the others family?

7. Trust: Trust is a factor in relationships that can be a cause of one or the other not fully to trust you. This could be in part because of past relationships, distance, or lack of communication. Having insecurity does not keep a person around. It will merely drive them away. So, be self confident. Know that you are a valuable person, and this is what makes your partner the best they can be.

In life breakups will happen no matter what we try to do to save them. Sometimes those breakups are the best ending for individuals. The best way to avoid those relationships is to take the relationships slowly develop a true understanding of the person you are trying to involve yourself. In the end, it will increase your chances of success in a great way.


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    Bredavies 5 years ago

    great hub!!! Thank you!