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Relationship Red Flags to Watch

Updated on July 4, 2012

There are many things in life that seem to come to end on their own. Though seeing the ending of something does not mean it is necessarily over. It could be the end of a job, a relationship, or something else that you have held dear to your heart. There are signs when things seem to be on a downward spiral that you should take note. Only by examining the “Red Flag” moments can you keep you from losing the relationship or deciding to end it. Here, are the four main signs that may be starting trouble in your relationship.

1. The red flag in a relationship that seems to be spiraling out of control is the differential of things as someone is saying certain phrases. In the beginning, everything was “Us, We, and Ours” this quickly turns into a response “Me, Myself, and I” when the relationship is under strain. It seems that once an individual starts using this type of language they are no longer making an effort to be seen as a couple only as an individual.

2. The second red flag in a relationship that seems to be ending is avoidance. There are things in a relationship that people will always disagree about. Most healthy couples will make an effort to diagnose and compromise to a solution. When the relationship seems to be ending, many couples will refrain from even brining up old fights or disagreements and just avoid them all together. You both will end up stop going out as much together. You prefer time with your separate groups and when you are together the interaction is limited.

3. The next major red flag in a relationship is stagnation. This comes when there is no real growth and no going backwards. It’s simply going along as the same things continue to happen over and over. It seems the feelings you had for one another are stuck in mid air and not going anywhere. So, what things can you think of to try and reignite the spark for your relationship to move forward? Are there things that are just irresolvable and should it end?

4. The final major red flags in relationships coming to an end it really the point of no return. If, you are intentionally avoiding the person you love then it may be the signal to the end. If, being around them in the same room ignites feelings of sadness, anger, or other negative emotions then maybe it is time to remove yourself from that person’s life altogether. The longer that it stretches the longer it will continue to hurt one another.

How do you really know the relationship is over? It is never an easy question to answer. However, the red flags above are a good indication that it could be headed that way. If, it is you have a decision to make whether to continue on the path or try to change the outcome. Ultimately it boils down to what you really want to do and what will really make you happy.


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