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5 Signs He's Not Interested In You -What You Should Know-

Updated on September 16, 2014 | Source

Is He?

It's not easy sometimes to tell whether a guy is interested about you or not, this topic will be talking about the 5 signs that tell that a guy is not interested in you, so whenever you find out that two or more of these signs exist then you're advised to step away and stop trying or well you may follow your instincts and intuition if you feel there will be any chance but for now let's mention these 5 signs.

1-He doesn't message or contact you regularly:

If he seems too busy doing his business and not be enthusiastic about getting in contact with you even in his spare times, it just means that he's really not that interested in you and you're not in the his priorities list.

2- He doesn't show any effort to see you:

If he constantly seems to be not inviting you to places or trying to ask you out or to see you somehow then it just means he's not doing any effort about that and by not doing so, he's just careless about seeing you and I say that you better not try with this guy!

3-He ignores your messages or replies late:

If you notice he's been online but not replying to you or just replying late then it means he's not interested about starting a conversation with you. | Source

4-He doesn't care about what you have to say:

This can be more like a rule, seriously. If you matter to him then he would be the one who would actually ask you about your stories, this just means he's interested about knowing more about you and anything related to you would mean to him so if you think he doesn't care about listening to what you have to say then you might really consider leaving and letting go off of him.

5-He criticizes you more than complimenting you:

If you notice that he's always commenting on your hair being not correctly brushed or the shoes that you have worn or the way you sang with a low voice inside the market or any other silly detail whether about your look or your spontaneous behaviour - when it's not wrong of course- then he's focusing on your flaws in the time when he should be actually be focusing on the good things about you, having him always questioning and criticizing you makes things obvious that he's having doubts and that he feels you're not enough.

There you have it, the 5 signs that all of you women should consider and take seriously.

I'm sure there are many other signs that can show and tell your guy is not interested, other things can be directly or indirectly felt from the way he touches you, looks at you or just behaves with you in general so take everything into consideration and don't you lose hope about finding out that he's not the one for you and as the quote says " There are just plenty of fish in the sea " hold this quote with you and don't get discouraged, in the end you deserve someone who would value you and never take you for granted if you do the same too.

Let's know what you think!

Do you think that a person should keep on trying - if he/she really likes a particular person - on building up the relationship and into making it work?

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