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Beauty of Indian Weddings

Updated on June 24, 2011

Blending the beauty of Indian weddings, into your American wedding is very easy. Traditional Indian wedding colors are red and gold. If you choose to use the traditional colors, you can add ivory as your accent color. Indian wedding attire consist of colorful, heavy beading and embroidery. Take this concept and use it for your wedding dress, by choosing colorful red beading that will trim your neckline, or hem of your wedding dress. You can also opt for a heavy beaded sash that will compliment your ivory wedding gown. For your wedding decorations, an option would be to use ivory and red flowers, which blend beautifully and put them in gold containers, or around gold candles or holders. For your wedding cake, you could have red and gold scroll patterns, pearls or flowers to blend the Indian theme when choosing designs for your wedding cake. For your table linens, you can choose a beaded overlay, and have simple charger plates, so the overall look won't be overwhelming once the table setting is complete.


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      suny 7 years ago

      lovely dresses.