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Crazy blind dates part 3

Updated on April 23, 2012

The rug doctor

Once again I subject myself to dating.

So it is January and I am totally miserable. My daughter is leaving for school all the way across the USA at the end of the month. I am so sad that I can't bear to get up in the morning and think about her leaving. I have strange bouts of crying in the car, in check out lines, feeding the horses and filling the wood stove. I'm a mess to put it bluntly, until.....

I get asked out on a date, an online blind date once again. At first I think it's not a good idea as I may just cry but then I reconsider that maybe it's a good thing to get my mind off of what is happening for even a short while. Plus maybe this person has children and could offer advice on how to cope. I make the date for dinner after work on a Friday. I figure that way I'm not going home to an empty house, daughter out celebrating with friends.

I see a man getting out of his car and heading into the restaurant, is this him? Not sure so I check myself in the mirror, no mascara smear marks. I walk into the bar and he is at the far end having a drink (water) and smiling as I walk toward him. He gives me an awkward hug, I sit down and I order a drink. He laughs at my choice of beverage which is fine with me. I start to relax as the conversation flows and he asks if I want to stay for dinner, I agree. We need a table so instead of waiting for a waiter to walk by I leave my stool approach the hostess and ask for a table. I watch the heads turn as I walk back to my stool. Men obviously staring as I am in rare form tonight.

We are seated and order our meals. Mine a very small portion and his the largest steak I have ever seen. Geez guys can eat. All goes well and we talk for almost 3 more hours. Here I am thinking wow this was easy, we got along well and I didn't shock or surprise him too bad. I tend to do that with my life and stories. We get up to leave and he is the perfect gentleman, holds my arm as I walk, opens the restaurant door, even opens my truck door. It was an awkward parting so I just gave him a hug and thanked him.

He texted me before I could get home to thank me again for coming. He texted me dozens of times during work the next day. He called each and every night and talked for hours. This man was really working it. He asked me out again for a second date 3 days after the first. I met him for lunch up the street from work. We had a pleasant time, no drinks and it felt a bit rushed. He owns his own rug store/repair business (aka Rug Doctor nickname). He had a meeting to get to but wanted to make the time to meet.

He continues texting, calling and pursuing with a vengence. He calls and talks for the longest time and wants to talk about intimate things that I don't feel are appropriate. I keep putting him back on track but he veers off the topic back to sex. I try to explain why it's not a good idea and he calls me a prude. Ok so now I'm a bit concerned. I've had this happen more times than I can count but don't think it's something I can't handle.

He asks another 4 days later for me to meet him for lunch, this time sushi my favorite. I tell him that I won't be good company that I have cried on and off all day and my daughter is soon leaving. I tell him I feel really vulnerable and that I'm not sure how good company I will be. He insists it will do me good and he will try to lighten the mood. I meet him at a new sushi restaurant and look forward to trying it out while seeing him. We are on the phone with one another as I walk to the restaurant. All the men at the door turn to look as he swings the door open for me. He seems pleased to be there with me and I'm glad.

We get to our booth order food and start to chat. He tells me about his children, how they moved away and one is just south in college. He sees his son fairly often but not his daughter, I well up with tears. We change the topic and finish lunch. He once again he has another meeting to get to so he walks me to my car where he asks to kiss my check and hug me. I agree and as he's hugging me he asks me to have sex with him.

I can't believe that I warned him I felt fragile and that I was sad about my daughter then he has the nerve to ask me for sex. Geez what is with some guys? If I felt like my normal self I would have given him a piece of my mind but I didn't feel normal. I was sad and upset. I just felt creeped out and got in my car and left. Imagine my surprise when I never heard from him again, thankfully.

Irritating as it is I'm glad men choose to be stupid early on in a dating time span. That way I don't waste much time with them before I see their intention. This man did not want to get to know me and could care less that I was hurting. I know all men aren't like this but I seem to have bad radar and they are flocking to me these days.

Once again ladies dating is not easy. Watch yourselves and keep yourselves safe. This one was just this past January so I have learned lots since my dating started 10 years ago. It's not getting easier but I refuse to give up. Ya gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find anyone worth keeping, Hell with the Prince.


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