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Humility Is Not So Bad

Updated on December 27, 2010
Humility is  a good thing!!
Humility is a good thing!! | Source

Why is it a person will say “I know I messed up but the words were already out and I know it was dumb, but, it’s too late to take it back.” Well since you know it was dumb why not fix it with “I didn’t mean that.” That looks and feels a lot better then dumb.

Why is humility in a relationship so hard to come by? Why is pride so easy to come by? Some say maybe a person didn’t know they were acting inconsiderately or mean to their partner. Well why is it when you speak to someone truthfully they will say, yes I know I was being mean or inconsiderate. You know there was a time when people truly cared for one another. Now there is so much self-interest. The “Me” attitude or the, “I don’t care attitude.” Most don’t stop and think not only does that make you look dumb it takes so much negative energy to be ornery.

Why must we always wait for the other person to go first? What if that person never said anything, would you destroy something that could be beautiful because of your lack of humility. This person that you promised to love through thick and thin, for better or worse is the same person you cannot go to and say that was mean or that was inappropriate for me to say? How about, before this gets out of hand lets start over again, or that came out the wrong way.

Does that really sound so bad to say to the one you love? Humility earns respect from those you love. Think about it, if you cared so much for me that you would stop and say, "That wasn’t right, let’s do it again." How much more so would I respect you because I know you have only my best interest in mind? I surely wouldn’t have to worry about you intentionally hurting me just because you could.

Being inconsiderate or harsh builds hurt and resentment that some times takes longer to get over. Those small thoughtful phrases can say and fix so much like, Ok I know that didn’t make sense. Don’t ask me why I even thought to say that? That was mean and I am sorry. Forget I said that it came out wrong.

Most times it takes effort on both sides because one or the other may take or say something wrong. Instead of instantly getting upset or angry, without getting nasty with your partner ask what did you mean by that or, why would you say that? You might have taken it wrong.

Humility in relationship is so important and needs to be shown by both. Listening to yourself and trying to understand your mate takes work but it can be done. Never be afraid to say I didn’t mean that or I don’t understand what you meant by that. Harshness hurts all parties! Try humility and see that if you take the “Me” attitude out everyone wins with the “We” attitude.



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    • IvoryMelodies profile image

      IvoryMelodies 6 years ago

      Fantastic hub! I am so glad to see something on this topic. I've thought about hubbing on it myself. These concepts should be considered Relationship 101, and not just for couples. For any relationship. The thought process in society so much of the time is "I'll get you before you can get me." Sad, sad, sad.

      Thank you for getting it on the table. It is so needed, and I pray that many, many eyes see this hub and are opened.