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Pssst...Men are you listening? We will fall in love with you if....

Updated on May 2, 2011

Pssst...Men are you listening? We will fall in love with you if....

What makes women fall in love with men? Is it simple as counting one, two, three? Little bit but more than that, women are easy to please and they want their man to make them the most beautiful woman in the world? Are you ready to say that to your woman? Is it simple as counting one, two, three?, what do you think? This hub is a request from a friend of mine who wanted to know what will he do so that the woman he likes will fall in love with him? What does he think of me, an expert on relationships? Well, I am a woman and I will try to share what do men need to do so that we will give them our love and our loyalty. Fun and happy journey to learning and loving, wouldn't you say?

In all stages of relationships, dating, commitment, marriage men and women are to my opinion the same, they want love, support, respect and time for themselves to improve on their craft or their interest. If one can provide them with that, then it is a good start and ending, or it will never end.

So we will start now, what do women wnat from men so that we will fall in love with them?

  1. Pssst, men please listen, or are you listening hehe? Many times, they say women talk and talk because they like to share ideas and information. Most of what women do is talk about things they did today, about their work, new fashion and the latest gossips. This is not because they love gossips but they love just to talk and share and to analyze things. This is the time that men needs to listen to their partner or the other when they are talking, lend them your ears and listen careful. Women know when you're bluffing and whether you are really listening. Give advice, sit down and listen intently, and you don't need to sugar coat, tell them what it is that is wrong.. Most women like their man to be honest so that they will still improve. For example, the dress they are wearing and the food they are cooking, whether it is palatable or not, you can make suggestions.
  2. I don't know for other women, but most women loves a humorous man, you don't need to have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger decades ago, but just make us happy and chances are we will both laugh, humor is the best as it is therapeutic. it signals that you will be happier together for a longer time or forever.
  3. Don't forget occasions, whether it is their birthday, anniversary together or whatever dates that are important to them. Women are different, some are sensitive, but most of them want their man to appreciate their most important dates for them. All women need to know is that they know that you spend time looking for that gift and that you didn't just dropped off at the store and get it before you went home. We don't have expensive gifts but a well thought of gift is good for us.
  4. Let them feel that you are thinking of them. Depending on the stage of your relationship, a text or simple message during lunchtime is good enough for us, saying I miss you, or I am so excited to come home to you or meet you later, it means that you're thinking of us during the day and not on the way home after work. It means you put importance to us as early as possible and not when other things during the day is done and you are going home already. It makes us feel important.
  5. Show genuine concern to her friends, relatives and what she is up to, Be attentive to what she is doing and whats her favorite show, food and color etc.
  6. Show perseverance by not giving up on them if you are still wooing them. If we see that you are working hard for us, then we might eventually say yes. And after accepting our love, you should be consistent in loving us, not only when you are wooing us. Most men are like that, familiarity is it? But then, we will love you more if you make us feel that you are still the same man we fall in love with.
  7. We should at least know that you are a provider and you can take care of us not only financially, but then the truth is women still want to be protected, and to know that our man is ready to protect us from danger and we feel that we arrived safely at home in the middle of the night etc.We cannot love a man who is scared of a bugs or rats etc. I have a friend whose boyfriend is scared of rats, and my friend is the one shooing away the rats, hehe.
  8. Make us the center of your attention specially when we are on date. We don't want our men to look at every others direction specially when women are passing by, women see other women as competitor and they compare their bags etc with that woman.
  9. Sweet and romantic -- Now this is one thing that women want, Cuddling after sex is good for women, you just don't sleep on us and go on another world. Women savor the moment and they love to savor it, so just give them time and they will sleep soon. Say "I love you" and look at them in the eye, just be sincere.
  10. Being a gentleman is always good, as women want their man to still pull their chair and open their doors for them. On the first date, you should pay for the meal and everything. Only when the two of you get comfortable can you talk about it and share the cost of the dating.

Most of all, just be true to yourself and we will love you the way you are if you are consistent and loyal to us.


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