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The Most Shocking & Mind Blowing Facts About Kissing

Updated on April 11, 2022 | Source


Who doesn't love to be loved and enjoy the feeling of being taken care of and just be happy?

Who doesn't love to express their love with all the things that can allow them to do that including kissing?

There are many benefits and facts that everyone should get informed about kissing. It's a good thing to know that kissing would not only be enjoyable and a good method to show passion and express your love in a nice and an innocent way, but it's also good because of the great benefits it has to give to us.

Let's mention these!

Kissing Can Burn Calories

Did you know that a good romantic kiss/smack like can allow the burn of about 2 to 3 calories?

While that french kiss can burn about 5 calories, who thought that this can ever happen?

One minute of kissing can burn up to about 8 calories. Interesting! right?

French Kissing Can Boost Immunity

French kissing can boost and strengthen immunity.

The exchanged saliva contains many minerals that can be beneficial for getting your immunity producing antibodies, these antibodies are responsible for defending your body from many antigens and diseases.

Kissing Is Anti-aging

Kissing activates 29 facial muscles and while keeping them in motion and active, wrinkles can be prevented from showing and increasing and blemishes can get to be reduced as well. | Source

Kissing Reduces Stress

Kissing can ease, relieve and relax the body thus reducing stress and tiredness especially when it's just done out of love and passion.

Healthy Offspring

Kissing can show a sign of whether your offspring with your partner can get to be born healthy or not. The more chemistry you would have with your partner while kissing the better the probability for getting healthy offspring.

First Kiss

When we kiss someone for the first time, there would be a release of a neurotransmitter called " Dopamine" this one would make you melt and yearn for getting it more and more according to the spike it makes getting you more passionate.

Dopamine also reduces your appetite to food and makes it harder for you to sleep sometimes ( depending on the amounts secreted and people in general).

An Oxygen Supplier

When we kiss, our hearts beat faster than normal thus pumping more to distribute more exygen to your body organs and specifically to your brain.

Kissing Builds Attachments

Kissing can help in building attachments to the partner because of the love hormone that it helps in producing " Oxytocin" This one keeps the love strong and alive! | Source

Cranial Nerves

five out of twelve cranial nerves would get activated when your lips touch someone else's, and by that your brain would be trying to get some information regarding the partner that you'd be kissing.

Kissing Is Healthy For Your Teeth

French kissing can be healthy for your teeth, the saliva shared stimulates even more secretion of saliva from the glands, thus preventing teeth decay by washing and rinsing your teeth to keep them shiny and clean.

To read more about teeth whitening and hygiene, please follow the link below.

Special Neurons

Humans lips have special neurons that can identify and find partner's lips when the lights are off.

Fun Facts:

- Women can get to their climax just through kissing sometimes.

- The longest kiss recorded lasted for about 31 hours.

- Most people tilt their heads to the right while kissing.

- Most people close their eyes while kissing.

- Kissing may be involved in helping people select the correct and the right partners.

I hope you find this list interesting, meanwhile you can check out many other interesting subjects below!

Let's hear it

Would you personally think about not continuing a relationship if the partner's kissing ways do not satisfy you?

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