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Verbal Aggression – How It Affects Your Loved Ones

Updated on November 14, 2010

The definition of aggression is a forceful action or procedure. Those around you mainly your loved ones are the ones that are abused and hurt by these actions. Verbal aggression can be as damaging, insulting, hurtful and harming as physical aggression. Verbal aggression is overt behavior intended to inflict damage on another individual.


A person usually acts in a hostile, injurious or destructive way usually brought on by some type of anxiety. It can also be a provoked attack that has a horrible affect on the receiver. This type of abuse tears down ones confidence, makes the recipients nervous and makes for a non loving atmosphere. These verbal attacks can in no way make someone feel loved. The abuse usually includes a terror of name calling.


Take a look at how demeaning name calling can be. You are yelling probably profanities and saying not so nice things to the people you say you love. It’s too bad as those words come out you can’t quickly stop and think that those words will never be forgotten and will always be remembered as being said to hurt your loved one. I think one big problem is there are those ones that don’t really take the words, “Do to others as you would like them to do to you,” literally. No one wants someone in their face yelling, spitting, curing and finger pointing. Why would you belittle someone else by this type of verbal abuse? If you feel this anger coming up have you ever thought to take your leave and maybe go for a walk until you calm down?


All people would like to be spoken to in a dignified manner. Think of how you would feel if you went to work and your boss called you an idiot in front of all your co-workers, and you didn’t reply because you need your job. You were so angry you could have taken some sort of action against him. So why would you then go home and inflict that same feeling on your loved ones. Why should one feel when they are home they are on a combat field and they must always protect themselves from your hurtful aggression?


A loved one is someone you cherish. No one hurts something they love, they hold it dear.  Verbal aggression leaves scars of hurt not love. Aggression is a violation of another persons feelings and an encroachment of the limits one should go in order to get your point across or used to intimidate your loved one. If one thinks that this verbal aggression can be apologized away then forgotten, they are horribly mistaken. This action is inexcusable and it is very damaging to those receiving it around you.


If this is something you cannot control, why not get help? Seek someone that will be able to help you cope with whatever brings you to that point of this type of aggression. Abuse affects so many families but there is help. Never let pride go before the success, good health and security of your family. Love you and love your family. Aggression hurts the ones you love. Show your strength by getting help if it cannot be controlled. Always know that it does leave deep scars and affect your family that loves you.


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