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Sports Themed Wedding Ideas

Updated on March 16, 2014

Sports Theme Wedding

For those who aren't so much into the traditional wedding concept and are looking for something not so ordinary, why not try a sports themed wedding? This is an appropriate theme if the partners marrying have met through a certain sport or are equally enthusiastic about a particular sport. The wedding, reception, or any other activities could all be themed with the chosen sport.

Depending on how far you want the theme to go, the wedding party could be dressed in sports attire. For example: A couple who are devoted NFL fans, may actually pull for different teams. The bride and groom could each dress in their favorite teams attire, such as jerseys and jeans. Groomsmen could dress in shirts in the colors of the groom's team, bridesmaids could be the cheerleaders of the bride's team. Most girls would rather have a cute Halloween party dress for later rather than an unusable bridesmaid dress. Guests could wear colors to suit the teams of the party they represent, groom or bride.

Party Favors

Many online sites can be found for party favors for weddings in various sports themes. There are literally all kinds of decorations, paper products, and gift ideas just for the sports themed wedding. If the couple have opposing teams, colors should be blended with colors of both teams together, including all aspects of decorating for wedding and reception. Of course it's easier when the couple have one favorite team, even easier when it is just a general sport theme such as golf.

Be creative when it comes to things such as flower arrangements, sports theme vases could be used to hold bouquets. Just because a wedding is done in a sports theme, it doesn't mean that it has to be tacky. It can be done in a tasteful way, or completely all out tailgate party, depending on the couple's preference.

Now, where is the big upcoming event going to be held? Is the entire event going to be in a sports theme, or will the couple marry in a church? Many sports venues can be rented for a day, wouldn't it be nice to get married in the football stadium where you may have met each other for the first time. Golfers could easily rent a golf club, which is usually already built to accommodate such an event.


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