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Depression and Women

Updated on May 4, 2011

Depression and Women

In America approximate 15 million people experience depression every year. Studies have showed that women are more likely to develop this disorder than do the men.

Being in the state of depression can affect one in numerous ways loosing the zeal to engage in physical activities, fatigue, difficult to focus, feeling burden etc.

Depression is an individual disease and in women it is mostly cause by physical and emotional factors. Studies have showed, it is normal for women to have depression during menopause. It must be treated with love, understanding and utmost care before it reaches any emotional or behavioral problems

Being Abused

Women are at much higher risk than men from sexual and domestic abuse, these abusive behaviors towards women tend to sow seeds of worry, feeling helpless, intemperance, lack of poise, lack or ambition even focusing on something that can't be change or something that can be change or something she will not change. these are all factors that cause or contribute to depression, leaving women in a stressful state of mind.

Depressed Woman
Depressed Woman

Here is a list of some Depression Symptoms to look for in Women

  • They loss the ability to concentrate.
  • Heeding to negative thinking, I cannot get nothing good out of my life, husband, children, success, loosing weights etc.
  • They are not present in the moment there mind is focusing and feeding upon all the bad they are seeing. Whether pass, present of future, causing them to feel hopeless and expecting only bad.
  • Lack of energy.

Depression in Women - What Can Be Done?

If you know a woman in your life that share the symptoms above and you are either her husband, brother, son, sister, mother, friend etc. please try to remember that love is the healer.

She must be nurtured with love, show here that you care, understand what she is going through have patients no matter what the situation and by faith she will come through.

Depression is a state of mind, you need to help her see things through another light ask her how to help you understand, how and when she needs your loving hand, encourage her by showing her the world through your eyes and in so doing you can help her change her thoughts about things.

Help her to establish a healthy diet, (fresh fruits and vegetables).

Encourage her to relax and take deep breaths, do things to make her laugh, try your best to keep her in the state of joy. Encourage her to exercise, because exercising will be beneficial for her mentally, physically and emotionally. Exercising is proven to be one of the most beneficial methods of therapy to combat depression.

Hope this article was helpful!


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    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 7 years ago from GA, United States

      Thank you very much and I wish you happiness and long life!

      Be Blessed!

    • Tamarajo profile image

      Tamarajo 7 years ago

      encouraging hub. I am in my mid-life years and have experienced bouts of this which I attribute to hormones a lot.

      Good and useful advice for those going through it.