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    Lies, deceit, guilt, shame, thrill, breaking trust, and ultimately devastating hurt is the result of infidelity. reported / Marriage Infidelity Statistics
    Percent of marriages where one or both spouses admit to infidelity, either physical or emotional     41 %
    Percent of men who admit to committing infidelity in any relationship they’ve had     57 %
    Percentage of women who admit to committing infidelity in any relationship they’ve had     54 %
    Percentage of men and women who admit to infidelity on business trips     35%
    Average length of an affair                                                                2 years

    You can not solve a two party problem with a third person.
    You can not work on a relationship dividing your heart/attention between multiple people.
    Don't open another door before closing one. 
    Give your relationship an opportunity by remaining focused, committed, and making every effort in your committed relationship for a period of time before deciding to pursue/interact with someone else.  There is a right thing and the wrong thing to do.  While not all infidelity is about creating a life with the other person, all infidelity inflicts pain on the multiple people effected by the decision of the cheater.  Let's not even mention exposure to craziness, physical harm, sexually transmitted diseases, and the children born as a result of infidelity.

    Let's explore this statement: people that engage in extramarital affairs/cheating lack loyalty and lack of loyalty is an undesirable character flaw.  It's the equivalent of signing up to serve two opposing armies.  How can you ensure that you will provide the best military strategy for one camp and then tell the other camp the same?  Impossible. 
    You also have men/women that place their spouse or significant other at risk of harm by delusional people that feel they should be with someone despite that person being involved or married.
    Who could forget the long island lolita: Amy Fisher?  You remember the 16 year old having an affair with Joey Buttafuoco who decided to shoot Joey's wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco, in the face.
    Then you have crazy behavior of people like mentally unstable Captain Nowak the astronaut charged with intending to do serious bodily injury or death to Colleen Shipman (a captain in the Air Force) because they were both dating the same man and she considered her competition.  The woman who wore diaper(s) so she would not have to stop to go to the restroom in an attempt to confront Colleen Shipman. When she was apprehended the authorities discovered a knife, bb pistol, and latex gloves in her vehicle. 

    Integrity, honor, loyalty, and respect are avenues missing from those that practice infidelity. 

    What's wrong with honesty and watering your own grass? The grass is not always greener on the other side. If you want excitement in your marriage or relationship then make an effort to create it.  If you know you do not want to marry or be involved in a committed relationship with someone because they are not "the one" or create enough of an interest for you to pass on dating and spending your time with someone else-be honest and just date that person-no commitment.  If they ask about commitment, state the truth-you aren't sold on the product(nicely said). Stringing people along and lying to them by presenting a false impression, through deception, that you are "all in" is simply wrong. 

    What do you think?

    Why lie when the truth will do?