Is my female friend (w/bf) f**king my male friend?

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    sarah8686posted 3 months ago

    A female friend of mine has been flirting with my male friend for 6-7yrs. (same group of friends)
    She has a boyfriend and have had it for 5yrs. Right before they got together she was heavily flirting with him. After she got her boyfriend it obviously stopped a little, but she has been flirty with him every once in a while..

    That includes:
    -Kissing him on the neck
    -Kissing him on the cheek and calling him cute
    -Sitting next to him as often as possible, often holding her arms (and him holding around her)
    -She cuddling his hair, but stopping when someone saw her cuddling his hair
    -Complimenting how beautiful his eyes are
    -Night out, she hugging him 8-9 times in the space of 2-3hrs, but no one else
    -Putting her finger in his mouth while drunk, and no one else being there (saw it myself)
    -Laying on top of him drunk and putting her fingers on his lips (she seems very keen on his lips)
    -Being the last ones in the sauna they got in the shower together to shower (with bikini on). She held her arms over him
    -Kissing him on the lips when sitting on his lap (right before she got her boyfriend)
    He seems to like all these things, and doesn't push her away. She is very attractive so I think he find her attractive

    We're (our group of friends) are going on a vacation to Spain soon for 5-6 days. She is going and he is going, but not her boyfriend. Do you think anything will happen between them there, and what?

    Thoughts? How attracted/horny is she with him? A little? Very? Extremely?
    Does she want to/is she sleeping with him?

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      dashingscorpioposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      Why do you care? This is none of your business!
      Sounds like you're wasting so much time speculating about them that you're not able to enjoy your own life and vacation plans.
      If something happens between them I'm sure your friend will eventually tell you. Enjoy your trip to Spain and ignore the soap opera drama.

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    sarah8686posted 3 months ago

    Update on the trip to spain: As people were choosing who to share bedrooms with (big house, 2 per each bedroom) they didn't choose anyone, and as a result, were the only ones left without partners. So they are sharing the bedroom for the entire trip for 6-7 days.

    Can't be good? or?