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Helping Children Deal With Divorce

  1. Ryan Hupfer profile image67
    Ryan Hupferposted 8 years ago

    Helping Children Deal With Divorce

  2. dr c profile image79
    dr cposted 8 years ago

    The ending of a relationship is always sad, and if there are kids involved, things become exponentially more complex because it's really no longer about you as the parent. Not a fun place to be when your heart is broken and you really need help for... read more

  3. Murilion profile image61
    Murilionposted 8 years ago

    why merriege people shall divorce after have children ,it is so hard to them,for parents hope they rethinking there decision,and for parents please do you mind just pretending you are not seperate just,until we are ready to face the truth,that "you are no longer in the same directions"

  4. wARtist profile image61
    wARtistposted 8 years ago

    Why God creates the thing Marriage & Divorce? It's not a big deal getting divorced, but a big deal to the children thanks to the marriage. Some marriage is destined to end that it shouldn't be started. What the parent can do first is give the children the best living condition from the alimony they deserve. Anyway, this is the most important thing to children.
    I wrote a hub offering tips to present the specific divorce case for free legal assistance getting the alimony the children deserve.Hope to help.


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    Butterfly Love 09posted 8 years ago

    16, June 2009

    I believe that people really ought to make certain they are compatible before they commit to a relationship that is exclusive.  And certainly before they bring children into this world.  Although, many times this isn't the case.  Personally, this was not make case.  My child was about three when my first husband and I began showing our problems.  This means we had problems before but pretended they were not there.  When we did split up, I did not tell my son about the affair, I just said sometimes Moms and Dads realize they would be happier on their own. 

    Luckily, in a sense, for me my ex-husband decided he did not want anything to do with my son, even though I had given him joint custody.  I met a man who treated my child just a true father would have.  I have been with that man now for 14 years, and even though we have two children together, our oldest has never been referred to as a step-son or any other nonsense.  My husband has been the only father he has known since he was six years old. 

    In dealing with the biological father, I don't say negative things about him, but now my son is 20, and he can pretty much figure out the type of person his biological father is on his own.  I just let him know that just because his other dad was the way he was or is, doesn't mean that he will follow in his footsteps.  And I have also tried to teach him to respect women.  In other words, do not be with someone if you would not want not have, or share a child with them, you really never understand fully what cards are in store for you. 

    I do hope this helps a little.