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why do men cheat if your woman is doing what she's suppose to do at home?

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    nachelle29posted 8 years ago

    why do men cheat if your woman is doing what she's suppose to do at home?

  2. Eaglekiwi profile image81
    Eaglekiwiposted 8 years ago

    I think for different reasons but one that comes to mind is they feel insecure ,and look for attention from another female.
    Someone who will find them masculine or make them feel the young man they used to be. All the things they are afraid of losing ,including sexuality.
    Sad isnt it have the biggest part of your identity all tied up in the one of the smallest organs in your whole body lol.

  3. bosshawg503 profile image53
    bosshawg503posted 8 years ago

    Here are their Top 10 reasons…

    I'd like to say that they are in no particular order but, we all know what guys say is the number one reason that they cheat. Remember ladies, the jokes about sex ending when marriage begins, wouldn't be funny if there weren't some truth to them!

       1. Not getting enough at home! Women tend to get caught up in "life" and sex gets put on the "back burner". She may be bent over helping the kids tie their shoes but he's still looking at her "nice ass". God…is that all they think about?
       2. It's reassuring to know that he's still "got it". Time has a way of making us all feel less sexy and desirable. A little forbidden rendezvous can be a real shot to a sagging male ego.
       3. The wife just isn't physically appealing anymore. Face it, women do tend to let themselves go. Often they get too busy raising their families and neglect themselves. They are too tired to put on make up or do those thigh slimming exercises. The result? A sexy new secretary and whatdayaknow…"Honey…I have to work late"!
       4. Sex at home is boring. The wife doesn't like to try new things (or old things - namely, blow jobs!). To men, variety is the spice of life and he may have some sexual urges that his wife is not willing to fulfill. He may have some ideas that he would rather his wife didn't know about. Can you say "manage-a-trios"?

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  4. Lady_E profile image74
    Lady_Eposted 8 years ago

    Bosshawg was going to give us 10 reasons.  I'm still waiting for the other 6.

    I would just like to add that its in a lot of mens Gene's to cheat and also it could be that the man doesn't love her 100% afterall.
    The one that upsets me is when women are pregnant and their husbands just can't exercise Self-control.  No!They just have to go and "get it" outside.

  5. Lady Rogue profile image57
    Lady Rogueposted 8 years ago

    Everything Boss Hawg said could just as easily be applied to a woman cheating! Yeah, men seem to be more likely to act on the impulse to cheat, but we all have had at least 1 opportunity/urge whether we acted on it or not. Sometimes, Nachelle, it IS that she's doing everything she is supposed to at home! Some men are threatened by the sheer wonder of a woman doing right. My suggestion to someone dealing with a cheater is this: Take away the fact that he's a MAN (as if that were some kind of excuse) and analyze the PERSON. If you weren't loving him, would you have him as a friend? Would you trust him with your kid or your mom? Is this someone you know is in your corner, has your back? Chances are, a person who cheats is not the kind of person you want around anyway. DUMP HIM!

  6. satansluvchild profile image61
    satansluvchildposted 8 years ago

    While women are traditionally in the nurturing role because we end up tending to the young, a man's BIOLOGY tells him that he needs to spread his seed as much as possible to ensure the continuation of his "line."

    Marriage just goes against science, but then...what Christian doctrine DOESN'T?  Ha ha!

  7. dabeaner profile image56
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    why do people - men and women - like Italian food one night, Chinese the next, French the next...?

  8. Neil Sperling profile image83
    Neil Sperlingposted 8 years ago

    Maybe she is doing what she is not supposed to do away from home. There are just as many guilty women as there are men.