If you are married, is it considered cheating if you are online flirting, sendin

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  1. Kotti KaDotti profile image59
    Kotti KaDottiposted 14 years ago

    If you are married, is it considered cheating if you are online flirting, sending exposed pictures,

    1. profile image0
      Nelle Hoxieposted 14 years ago

      In my relationship flirting online and sending exposed pictures would be considered cheating. It would be considered disrepectful to the relationship.

      Neither one of us would go out to a bar and flirt with someone. And it is just as wrong to do it online. We have a committment to be with each other and each other only.

      It isn't just a physical committment, but an emotional one as well. This relationship is a safe place in the world where we can be ourselves and trust the other person completely.

    2. sbrown1703 profile image55
      sbrown1703posted 14 years ago

      This is kind of a hard question, but i feel like you shouldnt be online chatting with other people if you are in a relationship and especially sending exposed pictures i mean why would you do that if you have someone at home that you can share those moments with. I wont say cheating but you're half way there if you would share exposed pictures to a complete stranger than whats next.

    3. pageantgirl31413 profile image75
      pageantgirl31413posted 14 years ago

      My husband and I would call this cheating. Dr. Phil would call it emotional cheating as he did a show similar to that question. Whether or not you actually have sex with the other person really isn't the only thing that makes it known as cheating. If you are flirting or sending exposed pictures, that would be considered emotional cheating since you have made a vow to your husband/wife and are technically breaking it an inviting someone else into the relationship without the spouse's knowledge.

    4. Kebennett1 profile image60
      Kebennett1posted 14 years ago

      yes, because your heart is cheating. Your mind is cheating. The only thing that isn't is your flesh. Be careful or it will! Sending pictures of yourself  exposed is degrading yourself and it is pornography. It is really disrespectful of yourself and to your husband. How would you feel if you found your husband doing it! When in doubt, cut it out!

    5. profile image49
      toulee_vang92posted 14 years ago

      if you wouldn't do it in person... than you shouldn't do it online...

    6. profile image0
      reeltaulkposted 14 years ago

      It may not be considered as cheating by some but it is definitely immature.  What's the point of saying those vows, what's the point in bonding, what's the point of loving, much less getting married!!!  Was it for convenience, less bills, or maybe no bills, no more tedious responsibilities.  You could have stayed single and flirted for the rest of your life with no problem.  It seems like you want to have your cake and eat it too.  You want to play the field, but when it comes to having someone by your side for whatever reasons you desire, being married to who you are with fits the bill!

      As for your entertainment it should consist of things that your better half can be involved with as well.  What if your flirting goes further and you get caught up.  PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE you people forever seeking to condone your slackness!!!!!!!!!!!

      Marry someone who is aware of who you truly are and doesn't mind your extra curricular activities and maybe your match will be one truly made in heaven

      Vonda G. Nelson

    7. rosey2k9 profile image58
      rosey2k9posted 14 years ago

      Why would anybody want to be in a relationship with somebody that they are mean to love if they are thinking about sending such stuff to another person.It is disrespectful and immature to do this kind of thing, it would mean that the person clearly is not ready for the commitment of marriage and still thinks as a single person would.Getting married is not just about having that dream dress and looking pretty. It is where two people come together as one because they love each other and want to show their full commitment to each other so yes I do believe that it would be considered as cheating to flirt online and send exposed photos.

    8. profile image51
      skytreeroadposted 10 years ago

      Yes, it is cheating! Unless your last name is Clinton, then you can get a certain sex act and it is not considered sex or cheating. It is also dangerous, you don't know who you are flirting with, sending x rated pix to. It could be a child, it could be a pervert, it could be a stalker ready to search your IPS and become a serial killer just for you. Or a cop, an online sting operation. Yeah, it's cheating. You know it is cheating or you wouldn't be asking.

    9. Kiki Estime profile image40
      Kiki Estimeposted 7 years ago


      If you are online flirting or sending exposed pictures its considered cheating, because you doing it behind your partners back. If you entertaining any one else in a flirting matter that's not your partner then its cheating. You ever try online flirting with your partner or sending exposed pictures? Playing strangers might make it exciting.


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