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    tami23posted 8 years ago


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    Theo Sellesposted 8 years ago


    And if there's any question about that, consider asking someone when they chose to become hetrosexual...

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    Queen Mirageposted 8 years ago

    Ok the answer is yes you are born gay or lesbian or transgender.....or whomever you may be.  Here is the question you should ask would you honestly choose to be gay lesbian transgender or whomever?  The hate and the anger people have towards you would you honestly choose come on think about it.....

    God does not make mistakes does he?  hmmmm go ahead church people red necks ask God does he hmmmm would you ask your God....I love God and he loves me and I know I am not a mistake....

    People you do realize that your hate and your anger kills teenagers more and more because they feel wrong for what they feel they are born this way and you should love them whomever they are.....

    People please know this love is love and no matter who it is you are loving they need to love you back and love is blind....so do I tell you your born straight or your born white if these questions are answered so easily yes then the answer is yes to you are born gay lesbian transgender......love yourself respect yourself and it does not matter what you look like it is what is on the inside that counts.

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    Paradise7posted 8 years ago

    Oh, yes, I believe some people WERE born gay.  They are attracted to and want to have sex with people of their own sex and not the opposite sex:  for them, homosexuality is natural and heterosexuality is unnatural. 

    Anthropologists and sociologists have studied this phenomena and found that in human populations, about 10% of the men and about 3% of the women are homosexual.  Though it fluctuates a little depending on social conditioning, war and famine, the percentages seem to be pretty consistent as far as they can tell going back to Ancient Greece and Rome, throughout recorded history.

    Homosexuality does occur in animal populations on occasion.  There is a great variety in nature of sexual and reproductive adaptations, including unisexual generation, trans-gender generation, and hermaphroditic generation, as well as heterosexual generation.  The adaptation bests suits the environment and the level of complexity of the creature.

    We are all as we were Created, and the Creator loves us all, I'm sure.

    I know some very well-meaning Christian people are horrified by homosexuality and to them it seems very perverted and wrong.  But I have read the Bible all the way through and it really doesn't specify what the "unnatural acts" of the people of Sodom and Gommorrah WERE.  It isn't all that specific in the Old Testament about what the "abominations" consisted of.  I think it might have been a reversion to paganism, I just got that feeling from reading it, rather than blatant homosexuality.

    The New Testament really doesn't mention too much about the topic of sex at all, other than the woman being stoned (again, her crime was unspecified, though there is a little suggestion it may have been sexual), and Christ saying, "Let the man who has not sinned cast the first stone."

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    fireball34posted 8 years ago

    Is hetrosexuality normal?  No it's just more common~

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    reeltaulkposted 8 years ago

    don't think so....but maybe they were born as a specific gender with the interest of the opposite gender.   It's like being the opposite of what you were in your past life, and having to live in someone else's skin in your present life.

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    Kebennett1posted 8 years ago

    When you look at the presence of hermaphrodites who have both sets of sex organs, which also means they have both male and female hormones, and male and female chromosomes, I would have to say it is possible. Just because someone is not born with both a penis and vagina does not mean that the rest of the abnormality is not present. The person still may carry too many of the male or female hormones and chromosomes making them actually feel like the opposite sex mentally/physically. If it were not for the presence of hermaphrodites I would not believe so. But, they are proof that there is a an abnormality present. In their case, they must choose whether to be male or female. They have no choice unless they choose bisexuality. In the case of only having one organ but too many hormones and chromosomes of the opposite sex, a person still must make a choice to live the way they look on the outside or who they are biologically. This is a rough one. Christianity says homosexuality is immoral. I am a Christian but someone still needs to explain Hermaphrodites then! Maybe there is not always a choice, I just do not know. My cousin is Gay and I empathize with him. He is not in a relationship. He is a Christian. He is in a Catch 22. He loves the LORD and does not want to be a sinner but at the same time, this is who he is! He was once married to a woman, and had a child--but he was living a lie.

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    PeachFoxposted 8 years ago

    I think some are and some have chosen that particular lifestyle or preference.

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    Stump Parrishposted 7 years ago

    not only were born gay but continue to be born that way everyday. Homosexuality is not learned, christianity is.