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does extera maritial affiars always includes in cheating?

  1. pertibha321 profile image44
    pertibha321posted 8 years ago

    does extera maritial affiars always includes in cheating?

    i always heared that extera maritial affairs are cheating? i want to know that is it always cheating? or it have some other view also?

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    franki79posted 8 years ago

    I'm not quite sure what it is your asking specifically, I will try to answer and if I don't answer ur question,
       Everybody has different views of everything, my view is that any kind of affair is cheating.
       If you are asking if every affair has to be physical, no it doesn't. There is a thing known as emotional cheating, this occurs when a spouse forns an emotional, spiritual connection or bond with a person of the opposite sex without they're spouces knowledge, either of the persons existence, or knowledge of a relationship.
       An emotional relationship may or may not be physical; a lot of times if it hasn't already, this type of relationship does. More times than not.
       An emotional affair can be more devistating to the spouse than a physical one, it can be harder to get over, to let the pain go and to forgive the other person.
    I hope this helps

  3. pertibha321 profile image44
    pertibha321posted 8 years ago

    ya i am agreed with you but i were specially asking about different condition like sometimes when wife and husband lives in different cities due to job etc or any of them have some physical problem .i want to ask that in these type condition someone get an affair but dont go to leave his or her partner and fullfill all of his or her responcibilities then also is it cheating?

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    MysticLingerieposted 8 years ago

    Cheating is the act of being intimately involved with aperson while engaged in a relationship with another person. Cheating is cheating no matter what, even if their is no feelings towards the person you cheated with. When in a relationship you agree to just be intimate with each other, if you are planning to cheat then why start a relationship.