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I have been in a relationship for 14 years of complete bliss, we were crazy ab

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    lovesickcowposted 8 years ago

    I have been in a relationship  for 14 years of complete bliss, we were  crazy about each other,...

    and the crazy part is we still are in love but it has been 5 months since i even seen her, the pain is still very hard to control, i love this woman with all of me but over the last 2 years all we did was fight, our last fight was in July of 09 and she told me to get out and that was that, she has moved away to live with her daughter about 400 mile away but still calls and texts me telling me I am the love of her life and she will never be with another, what the hell is going on, and is 5 month normal to be in this much pain still i cant shake her, I don't want to maybe that the whole thing.

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    nmcguire7posted 8 years ago

    She misses you simply put that is until you two are back under the same roof again for a time.  The old person who insulted, yelled, screamed and did everything you didn't like will come back.  I speak to this topic because I have been in similar situations over the years.  My advisers cautioned me about going back and I too sent the sweet "I love you" and "I wish that things didn't go the way they did..."  The point is a relationship as long as yours was takes a very long time to move beyond.  Each day make yourself take steps to forgive and dare I say it forget.  It's painful it keeps you up at night, sometimes ill, you hear a love song, see a movie...you feel crazy, but I tell you if you make an effort each day to preoccupy your mind with something other than her you will be fine.  Also when those thoughts of her do come, remember all the false promises, the ugly words, the yelling...a leopard doesn't change its spots.

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    BAYBIITIIAposted 7 years ago

    you obviously both are still in love with eachother, you should build up your relationship again on small steps. when you have mutual respect you may be able to build a new foundation on it smile 14 years of your life is not that easy to forget, she's been a big part in your life and if i was you i'd want to try again. if it doesn't work then atleast you can say you've tried big_smile good luck

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    jtboswellposted 6 years ago

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