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What is Love?

  1. jerryj profile image58
    jerryjposted 8 years ago

    What is Love?

    It is January 1st/ 2010. I am a 44 year old single male. I love my family even though they are a far distance from me. I have been in what I thought was love at least 3 times. Currently, I have been chasing a woman for a little over a year now and still havent been able to steal a kiss from her. I love her, I am In Love with her, and have said this many times to her. I wake every day eager to see her, eager to please her. I love being with her no matter what we do. We are good friends, the best of friends. I love spending my time with her and her children, they are so precious. She insists tha

  2. jerryj profile image58
    jerryjposted 8 years ago

    She insists that I am not in love with her and that she doesnt want a boyfriend at this stage in her life. Even while I am going through a bankruptcy, and money is tight, I still find some extra to buy her things, and it makes me happy to do so. It pleases me to know that I put a smile on her face. I have some plans for feb. 14th and hope that then she will become my girlfriend. If not, do I move on? Do I tell her if she wont go out with me then I wont see her again? These are questions that I have to struggle with to find answers for.

    As I have mentioned, I havent even gotten a kiss from her, but yet I profess my Love to her.

    What is love to you?

  3. shaunese profile image59
    shauneseposted 8 years ago

    well....as a female...... I must say if i weren't looking for a relationship then that's just the way it is! Never try to convince a woman to be with you. It doesnt work. Stop buying her stuff and treating her lke your girlfriend because she's not. No matter how much you love her. Maybe if you change the pace she may realize what she's missing. I would never commit to a guy that gave me everything without me having to do anything to get it. Commiting would just mean more work for me and no one in their right mind would do that. Start looking for someone who wants a boyfriend and stop wasting time because your heart will only continue to hurt if she continues to turn you down. A relationship is two people who are working towards some common goal, not someone trying to convince the other that they should be together! And follow me;)

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    reeltaulkposted 8 years ago

    sorry to say this...... but you might as well tie strings to your arm pits whenever you are around her.   You blinding love has transformed you into her puppet!  Do man up and take your heart ands Balls back!  To be head over heels for someone that has no interest in you is just plain crazy! I could see if you kept your feelings to yourself or you didn't really know her.  But you have expressed your feelings verbally and I'm quite sure through your actions.  Move on and experience someone that will equally love you the way that you love them, this just doesn't make any sense and isnt fair to you......ciao

    btw: you have a family and you're chasing a woman and her kids for her to be your girlfriend?????? unreal! you're 44....... oh i forgot you already know that! come on you're twisted dear!

    Vonda G. Nelson

  5. msorensson profile image70
    msorenssonposted 7 years ago

    Why must you want more? You said you are best friends. You have the best place. She is with you all the time, she runs to you for her triumphs and defeats, I take it.

    Strictly speaking, romantic love which I think is what you want, is driven by karma, unless one or both of you are awakened then you are bound to repeat the same lessons you have not yet learned and transcended.  What is this relationship teaching you right now?

    Love is the hardest lesson of all...I cannot claim to be an expert on it.