Why Do Some Men Marry Divorced Women With Children When There Are Many Free Girl

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  1. Flavie Lolol profile image73
    Flavie Lololposted 8 years ago

    Why Do Some Men Marry Divorced Women With Children When There Are Many Free Girls Out There?

  2. abczyxone profile image60
    abczyxoneposted 8 years ago

    Because they love them… That is it…

    Divorced women also have life and they need love and support… Hopefully you will understand.

  3. profile image49
    elgrancalcetinposted 8 years ago

    Sometimes feelings between people are stronger than any concern about the other's baggage. 

    Take my situation, for example.  Last year my husband violently beat me and left myself and our two young daughters to fend for ourselves.  Around the same time, I got in touch with an old friend, and despite our best efforts, we fell in love.  He has three children, and I have my two girls.  I said "Oh my god, no WAY will I date him, he has THREE kids."  But the deeper into the relationship we got, the more I realized that anything else that he brought with him didn't matter. 

    I can only believe that it's the same for any man who chooses someone with children.  No matter what you, or anyone else, may think, there are many men out there who love children and look at them as a bonus and not a burden.  Those men are the kind that you want to keep, and I can only hope that you find one as kind and accepting as a man who would take a woman, baggage and all.

  4. sushant143 profile image59
    sushant143posted 8 years ago

    when you really know what is Love then you will get answer of this question ( or when you know you will not ask such a question)

  5. EminenceBeauty profile image60
    EminenceBeautyposted 8 years ago

    Many men see this as a chance to be with someone that is experienced " persay". At this point of their life, they are probably searching for stability themselves and need the guidance of an experienced woman.

  6. Jason R. Manning profile image83
    Jason R. Manningposted 8 years ago

    Four answers from four women on why men adhere to some particular rule, funny.
    Before I met my wife, I strongly considered dating older women with young children because I really wanted a family and most of the women my same age were particularly immature.  Divorced women with children are generally more grateful for affection and security then young flip floppers.  Our society is creating a new generation of women who do not want a family, so men will gravitate to what makes sense.

  7. Levertis Steele profile image80
    Levertis Steeleposted 6 years ago

    These men are fatherly figures looking for mature, settled women, not young ones who are more apt to be after the money and full of play. So, children are accepted. Usually, when older men are not suffering from a mid-life crisis, they generally think sensibly. That is not to say that a younger woman cannot be a good mate, but it is to say that young women are more risky.

    I was talking with an old man in a store a few days ago. He was about 75 years.He was preparing to purchase a bottle of cologne when he asked a teen cashier if she liked the fragrance. He also flirted with her and another young cashier. He said that he wanted a young girl who would rub his feet at night. He said to me, "I cannot do anything else, so a good young woman to take care of me and keep me warm is what I am looking for. If he has money, he will probably find the girl of his dreams. Poor old guys.

    I was reading an article about Hugh Hefner, 86. who was said to be reuniting with his 26-year old sweetheart. According to the article, the girl who was living with him in his mansion had to move out when the main girl decided to come back. The two were pictured smiling happily and playing a board game.

    Women do not boast of such things like men who think that they are cooking with oil when they find someone young. Women are less mouthy, but some of them use their money to attract men, too. There are many older women taking care of younger men who sit on their laurels and enjoy it all. So, I suppose the old guys are not doing much worse than the old women are. No wonder so many young people are lazy and unemployed!

  8. Emmanuel Shamoun profile image41
    Emmanuel Shamounposted 12 months ago

    For a woman, I guess this would be amazing !!. Why? Because your right, why would a man choose a married woman to sleep with if he has a 100000 other alternatives ? . I would say that this is literally a case of true love. To accept the children, and go through the difficult process, requires true and strong love.



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