I saw my boyfriend's ex girlfriend photo in his mail he have saved it in his ema

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  1. Dhatri profile image60
    Dhatriposted 9 years ago

    I saw my boyfriend's ex girlfriend photo in his mail he have saved it in his email , it was...

    saved before i met him but still it was there, i felt very bad & got pain by seeing that photos , at the moment i asked him about that ,he got angry and began to shout at me saying that it was his friend photos but i know it was his ex girlfriend , first of all my mistake was i have checked his mail,but i have a rights , now he is very angry that i have doubt at him,  am i wrong ,what should i do.

  2. barbara yulia profile image58
    barbara yuliaposted 9 years ago

    greetings to you... forgive me for getting straight to the point but yes, i think you've made a mistake by checking out his mail without permission first. although you do have the right.

    just imagine if he did the same thing to you... you might also be disappointed because he was trespassing. so please keep in mind that we must respect other people's privacy, even when we're married.

    if you do want to know about his past, just ask him politely, with the intention to just get to know him better. he may not tell you right away because trust also needs time to develop between the 2 of you.

    i don't think it's a fatal mistake. just tell him you're sorry, and i'm sure he will appreciate your apologies. don't force him to talk about it right away, though. give it some time before you ask him the same question. have faith in him and he will do the same with you. men need our trust. that's what i learned myself.

    hope that will help you out a little bit. have a nice day...   smile

  3. pisean282311 profile image61
    pisean282311posted 9 years ago

    did he give you right to check his email or you took it for granted that it was your right?..if he didnt give you right then its not right thing to do...

    coming to question are you sure it is his exs?..if yes then first thing is understanding that your boyfriend loved his ex girlfriend and human brain is not a computer hardisk which can erase one operating system and load another leaving no trace of previous one.

    Secondly  You need to sit down with him and discuss the matter. if he becomes angry , tell him it is important for him and you to talk about this..may be your boyfriend is denying that he has got over from himself too...if that is case you need to help him to get over his previous thing...

    while discussing he should not feel that you are doubting him , because that may make him show more anger or lie or simply deny...reassure your love and faith on him...

  4. Shelbts1726 profile image59
    Shelbts1726posted 8 years ago

    Well...honestly I dated a guy for a long time before I finally gave up on him because he was in love with his ex.  The first thing that cued me in was a pic of her in his email.  He continues to talk to her to this day and we are now friends, not lovers.  Dont lie to yourself if you know the truth.

  5. JayDee Sterling profile image62
    JayDee Sterlingposted 8 years ago

    First you should stay out of other people's email messages, text messages, and voicemail.  Unless you have been asked to retrieve a message or something, it doesn't matter who it is.

    Rights? What rights do you have?  You don't have the right to snoop. You crossed the line and see what happened.

    Don't let your insecurities get the best of you, now he will be on the defensive because you let him know there is not trust there.  Without trust how do you expect to have a good relationship. Even after snooping around, you should have said nothing. Apologize, and know that means you won't do it again.

  6. Shahid Bukhari profile image60
    Shahid Bukhariposted 8 years ago

    Maybe ... its for other reasons than you think !

    Or are you looking for a way out ?

  7. profile image49
    skytreeroadposted 5 years ago

    LOL. How many people have had this fight this morning? Tell him you are sorry, you were wrong to get into his email and make a joke about what- are you planning on blackmailing her or something? That way he can relax a little bit maybe and have a good reason. Maybe he is keeping it for his friend. At least you know he cares, if he's yelling in pain and misery too.


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