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why is there no advice for dealing with a lying ex girlfriend who broke a Mans h

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    Broken hearted13posted 8 years ago

    why is there no advice for dealing with a lying ex girlfriend who broke a Mans heart? Seems like...

    everybody focus's on the woman and never admits that some women are just as abusive and cold hearted as the men that are described in most if not all of these relationship articles.

  2. ms.truly lovely profile image34
    ms.truly lovelyposted 8 years ago

    I'm really sorry that you've had to go through this , unfourtunatly their are so many people going through the same thing and it really hurts that some peolpe don't have morales ethics and values anymore . Id like to bring to your attention that there isn't any thing in this world that is garanteed but death and god our father in heaven .this is what you should do ;find something that you like to do ,to at least get your mind off of the betrayer you've been dealing with, meet others if you meet a nice woman take your time with her but guard your heart more than your money , no matter what never give up on love their is sombody special for you, but you must pray everyday for the ideal woman you want ,you must be sincere and detailed , nobody is perfect but the last thing someone needs is for their life to be put at risk because a person wants to sleep around if she loved you she would hate to leave your sight she wants to be right under you ,she will be back trust me ,and you must never go backwards but always forward use this time to get yourself back the way it was before you met her she is not the only woman in the world. there are so many wemon screaming out for a faithful loving man who wont cheat don't compare your next woman with her or any other woman, but base her individuality on her heart a heart will reavel many things a woman who loves a man will indure many hurts before she leaves that relationshipif she ever does. your are important in this world and you deserve the best and that is the mind frame you must keep I've been thier but trust me it gets so much better . ms truly lovely.

  3. exquisitestill profile image59
    exquisitestillposted 8 years ago

    funni you would say this...I deal with relationship everyday of my life. If you ask me even though I am a woman, I can admit that some women are worse than MEN!!!It has nothing to do with gender, but more so morals and values. You should subscribe to my list seriously, and ask me anything you want!
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  4. Mavhe Quijada profile image56
    Mavhe Quijadaposted 6 years ago

    I feel bad for you. Sorry for what you had been through (if it is yourself you are referring at as broken by the ex-gf). I agree with exquisitestill. It has nothing to do with gender but morality. No matter what your gender is, morality is the one defining the person's conscience. It's true that there are also girls that don't give value to men's hearts, and in the other hand, there are also men like that.

    Find your peace. I'm seeing you turned to be a woman-hater. I still hope not. God bless you!

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    DDEposted 5 years ago

    Relationships either go your way or don't, when speaking of genders both male and female have their issues and are all not perfect. Life is a learning experience one day you are sad and the next you are happy. Not everything in life is meant to be.

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    skytreeroadposted 4 years ago

    Lying and cheating women are a dime a dozen. You can do better than her, and until you do meet the lucky lady concentrate on your job, your family, your friends, and the coffee shop is a better place than a night club to meet a good woman. For now, take a couple of boxes of tissue, some movies that you enjoy, love/romance movies usually work well, a few boxes of chocolate and some ice cream in your favorite flavor and cry it out alone or with a real bff. Then get up when done crying, clean up the mess and go BBQ. When you see her again, think of how cold she was to you and give her as cold of a look as her heart abused you. If she smiles and says hi, you just say "hey baby, that's the only ice you get from me" and watch that smile drop. Especially if she was only in it for that diamond ring. Trash talk her with some of your gal pals. They will lift your mood. Tell her to hit the curb and stay there. If nothing else works, call Jerry Springer. He is a master of breakups.