What is your difinition of love?

  1. Apostle Jack profile image60
    Apostle Jackposted 8 years ago

    What is your difinition of love?

    Everyones love is different,what is yours?

  2. micadeolu profile image49
    micadeoluposted 7 years ago

    Love is pure feeling of care and appreciation you have towards a material, immaterial, humans or other creatures you encounter as you walk this life.

    Many in this world have misplaced lust for love. See all that passionate feelings that people have for themselves (including me) is not love but LUST. Though this too is a vital ingredient to a healthy relationship, one should be careful not to be blinded by this feelings.

    In any relationship, the first thing that sparks and set the ball rolling is the passion or lust. But one should scrutinize the affection to find  out what will happen after the lust (candle) burns out.

    If a guy goes out to date a beautiful lady. He feels all high and flaunts his conquest flag to his friends and say all sort of nice things about the new date.

    After marriage or a long courtship, go back to this guy and he will start to tell you a different story. Why? Because the 'candle fire' is out. But if there is an element of the true love (care giving), you will still find them happy together after much years of pains and happiness.

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    Apostle Jackposted 7 years ago

    Thinks for your comment,it is very inspiring.