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What is your difinition of a good relationship as a husband and wife or boyfrien

  1. Marie_Style profile image57
    Marie_Styleposted 8 years ago

    What is your difinition of a good relationship as a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend

    I know some one that is in a " relationship" but her and the one she is in the relationship do not do anything together I mean they live together but. They do to do anything outside of their home she is interested in doing things with him but he seems reluctant, The reason he says is that, They do not have the money to go out.

  2. edwards101 profile image81
    edwards101posted 7 years ago

    Maybe HE is bored or thinks he can spend a more valuable time by doing something different....
    My definition is this: When you know that your other half is about to come home...do you feel some anxiety or not?
    Yes - healthy relationship
    No - things should go better or...

  3. tinaweha profile image66
    tinawehaposted 7 years ago

    My difinition is: separate houses. separate houses

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    Jus Meeposted 6 years ago

    Prayer... Communication... Yu dont have to have money to do things together... Watch a movie, take a long walk and hold hands ... Take a bubblebath together... Cook a nice dinner at home and light some candles.... Turn on some music and dance slow together... There are lots of things to do...  Yu make yur realtionship what it is... Yu can make it fun and spontaneous or boring...... Yu choice...