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Why is it so hard to believe when a guy is a virgin? But so easy to believe he's

  1. Tranita profile image60
    Tranitaposted 7 years ago

    Why is it so hard to believe when a guy is a virgin? But so easy to believe he's not?

    I know guys who were in their twenties when they finally had sex.  No one believed they were virgins. I also know guys who lied about having sex before when they had never done one single sexual act and people actually believe them. These guys are good looking and have personalities that are highly favored so that's not a factor. I just don't understand what the big idea is. To me, if you're male and you're still a virgin after 15-18 then you're special and very strong.=seeing sex all around you within the media and peers these days

  2. telltale profile image75
    telltaleposted 7 years ago

    Don't think it matters whether they are virgin or not... don't understand why they need to lie they are not, though... maybe they like girls to think they are "experienced" and are good at it, but their performance will tell, eventually.. smile

  3. humagaia profile image57
    humagaiaposted 7 years ago

    Is that what your significant other lied about then? Naughty boy! If so, why were you annoyed with him? Surely you could tell when he started fumbling ........................ with his words I mean.

  4. Tranita profile image60
    Tranitaposted 7 years ago

    No, that's not what he lied about. Quite a bit of the questions I ask are just randoms that I think about and have witnessed. or my friends ask. seems like i'm the go to girl. lol. He lied about something totally different.  In my opinion like i said, I think it's great when a guy is a virgin and proud to admit it.

  5. Rainbowsprinkles profile image60
    Rainbowsprinklesposted 7 years ago

    i would respect a guy more if he was a virgin at whatever age,but thats just me.

  6. b4murray profile image61
    b4murrayposted 7 years ago

    Ummm... I think Its because biologically  men have more sex drive so we assume they will have sex sooner than women.

  7. SpiffyD profile image83
    SpiffyDposted 6 years ago

    Part of the problem is that guys lie so much that credibility suffers. Women are not inclined to believe men when they say that because they may feel it's a ruse to appear innocent. Some persons call that "playing dead to catch vultures alive." Of course, that men are assumed to be a whole lot more interested in sex, aggressive and singularly focused on sex does not help. Usually, anything that contradicts our world-view is met with immediate skepticism. This is another one of those.

  8. trimar7 profile image60
    trimar7posted 6 years ago

    I think its admirable if a man waits for the right woman. There are still many double standards in this world. There are many young men and women who still believe in waiting until marriage or until they meet the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. I know young people who did not wait and wish they would have. Stay true to your values.