What should i tell my friend about her boyfriend he ask me to have sex with him.

  1. lisasweetty profile image60
    lisasweettyposted 7 years ago

    What should i tell my friend about her boyfriend he ask me to have sex with him.

    This man also has some children with her i don't think  he respect her at all if  i tell her  i don't think she would believe me.This is the only man she has been with since high school.How do you think she will respond to this ? Do you think she would still be my best friend after this ?How do i tell her this in what way can i make this plain and simple without an argument.I still want her too be my best fiend i never had for so long that do stick together know matter what goes on between us know matter if it is a man.

  2. Diane Inside profile image77
    Diane Insideposted 7 years ago

    I had this happen too me once. I just told her. I told her she does'nt have to believe me and that I still want to be friends with her. Of course you know he denied it so and I told her he would. So I just let it go after that we still remained friends and after a little while she realized that he was unfaithful with someone else. And she came to me and said she wished she had listened to me. Just say I know you won't believe me but I have to tell you because I wouldn't be a good friend if I don't then tell her she can do whatever she wants. Don't try to break them up that wouldn't work she would resent you then.

  3. zsobig profile image82
    zsobigposted 7 years ago

    I think you must not tell her this.
    It is the best way to keep her as a friend and to keep her family together - maybe it was only a misunderstood 'joke' he made. If this is the case you don't have to put your friend into full despair.
    BUT! You must be careful and must pay attention to him and his deeds - maybe it was not a bad joke and he meant it the way as you -, and if you notice something 'wrong' with him on the long run, THEN you must tell it to your best friend.
    The upper mentioned cases are:
    - he asks you again;
    - he asks someone else;
    - he is (probably) cheating on his wife or
    - he is (probably) going to cheat on his wife - and you notice that somehow.