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Where did you meet your current partner? Grocery store? Party? Via someone you k

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    Wowsieposted 7 years ago

    Where did you meet your current partner? Grocery store? Party? Via someone you know?

    I'd like to know how you guys met your partner? Personally I believe that meeting someone at a bar or club isn't going to get me a healthy long term relationship. But the idea of meeting women at the grocery store is kind of weird to me wink...

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    twhite94posted 7 years ago

    I actually met my partner through research. I was in Iraq at the time, and wanted to travel to an exotic place for my R&R. I saw her profile on Myspace, and she was from Brazil. We started to talk, and I asked her to be my tour guide. After many more months of communication, persuading, and begging she finally agreed.

    I came here to Brazil, and we really hit it off. We spent a few months traveling back and forth from Brazil to America. Then I decided it would be best for me to move to Brazil. Over a year later, here I am. Would I do it again? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

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    akirchnerposted 7 years ago

    In a dance bar underage on a 'friend's' fake ID.  Totally stupid thing to have done but I guess 35+ years later, I'll settle for a stupid mistake leading to a lifetime of happiness!

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    pb3131posted 7 years ago

    Met her (and quite a few other) women dancing Tango. Took some classes started going to some dances and found there were a lot of attractive singles there.
    She laughed at my jokes and the more I got to know her the more I realized she was really what I was looking for.
    I wrote a hub:
    "How to Find a Girlfriend - Hint: It's Not the Way You Think!"
    that describes a process that worked amazingly well.

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    wychicposted 7 years ago

    I met my husband while killing time...playing poker on Myspace. About a dozen of us had formed a regular poker group and got to chatting, and he was the only person who caught my little word plays and such that are usually the way I amuse myself at less-observant people's expense. Got to talking even more from there, and six months later he moved 2,000 miles to be with me and hasn't left since smile.