Hey there - break up was Sun night into Monday - asked me to leave him alone - o

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    RoxyMom8posted 7 years ago

    Hey there - break up was Sun night into Monday - asked me to leave him alone - of course I have...

    not - is it too late ?  Do I just stop contacting him now?  How long do I wait and how do I know he will contact me and that the mistake I made going after him when he asked me not to is not the end?

  2. Tracy Ann profile image56
    Tracy Annposted 7 years ago

    If he has asked you to leave him alone then: do not call him, do not txt him, do not IM him, do not ask his friends about him, do not go see him, get my drift? Dont make him get a court order against you, depending on your relationship and how bad the break up was and how mad he is.

    Drop off the face of the earth. Pretend you do not exist to him.

    Two things can happen. He can either come running back to you, realizing what a great woman you are and he cant live without you, or you will never hear from him again.

    Now, if you never hear from him again, yes it will hurt, A LOT! BUT do you really want to run after a guy that doesn't want to be with you? Give him time to think about things and figure things out.
    You will not know if its the end and you wont know if he will contact you again. We are not psychics, but be sure to respect his wishes. Time will tell.

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    sreedy26posted 7 years ago

    When me and boyfriend broke up I tried calling him at all hours of the night he would just turn his phone off, I probably called him 3 days in a row. Once I finally stopped for like 3 days he finally called me. Just don't call or text him it really is better.