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I am engaged in a long distance relationship and I really want to keep my man, h

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    lipaannaposted 7 years ago

    I am engaged in a long distance relationship and I really want to keep my man, how do we make...

    our sexual intimacy as good as in real? Temptations are everywhere but I want him to feel me though we are not physically intouched..

  2. CBM1987 profile image67
    CBM1987posted 7 years ago

    Hello , I have been where you are now... a couple answers It took a year and a half for us to finally be together.. We spoke every day and used the internet "webcam" "phone" for intimacy though we couldnt touch we loved eachother dearly. Now its coming on 3 yrs almost 4 and i have to say the relationship was the best ive ever had ive been through a six year relationship before and a 1 yr before that. I'm married now I  have a gorgeous daughter I just wanted you to know there are others out there and have been.Plan trips wknd visits or week visits, get time alone and intimate over the phone, find a place online or other wise that sort of brings a safe haven to the both of you your "thing" your own world.

  3. lilidauphin profile image61
    lilidauphinposted 7 years ago

    Love conquers all. If you truly love him, you'll be able to resist temptations and find a way to make it work. Hopefully, you both will soon reunite.

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    lipaannaposted 7 years ago

    thanks CBM1987..its good to have a space her to share our thoughts and have people around who can share advise out from their experiences..i am in a better disposition now with your sharing..thank you so much!

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    dawnMposted 7 years ago

    I think that when it comes to a long distance relationship, honesty is the best policy.  There are so many factors that play into the relationship and yes I would like to think that love concurs all but it does not.  A long distance relationship can work but there has to be a real sense of commitment from both sides and maturity about the reality of the relationship.  This goes back to honesty, respect and trust that is all one can really have when in a long distance relationship.  If you are going to worry about the temptation and such it will drive you crazy and the relationship will eventfully fall apart.  You have to trust your partner and have a rule that the two of you have to be honest with one another if one goes outside of the relationship and has a sexual encounter that you tell each other.